Coast to Coast late night radio program

[size=18][/size]I’m guilty of listening to the C2C radio program and
tape it for listening during the day sometimes but am amazed that
most callers are so into the ghosts ,all UFO stories and other para-
normal stuff that pours in from guests and phone callers. Art Bell on
the week end shows is more intelligent and a better host than the guy
that takes over the microphone Monday thru Friday. Poor George Noory
tries to keep doing what Art did so well for 20 years or so…but he
keeps making the mistakes that mark him to me,as a fool or perhaps
a beginner host in the paranormal radio broadcasting club. Then the
callers call in and tell their stories to George and no matter how goofy
or bizarre the story,George seems to agree and tries to be nice to the
people. (A polite response, I agree but Art can tell the real stories from
the crazy,deluded ones and it makes for a better show when the host
is a bit smarter than the caller.)

Well, if you don’t like programs about WHITE WITCHES, Discussions
about why our President and Government is terrible, People who can
REMOTE VIEW data, People who RECORD GHOST VOICES and all
the other stuff …then WHY do you listen to the programs? I ask my-
self the same thing right before I turn my radio OFF !