CN building a waste of money

what a waste of money, I thought the city was using all grant money for this elephant of a project but no only $300,000 is grant money the rest is from the city, and they are only charging $52,000 for rent, that is about 1/3 the going commercial rent, oh and they are going to raise fees next year. lets hope these ppl are kicked out next year and ppl with proper business sense are put in and the funny thing is the mayor in the letter says " it will be paid for with grant money"

thanks to northcoast review for the link

Ok now we see the current money figures for the city’s projects , RCMP building $30 million, gee just 5 years ago it was $10 million, while the one in kelowna cost $40 million 4 years ago, what is our city building? an RCMP building or the taj mahal for the city? and going back to the CN building I do remember as I stated above the mayor saying it would be paid for via grants, lets see $4 million out of reserves, $1 million out of dividend? wherever that is coming from?, the Mayor also liked to announce how much rent the will be getting again as i stated it is about a third of going commericail rents, why so low? why hasn’t any Councillor or the Mayor responded to this post which I know they look at, and yes I did email a few of them and guess what silence. Why don’t they release the whole lease contract so we know exactly what they, the brewery is paying? ie property taxes or insurance. as for property taxes everyone knows if you spend $5million upgrading your building your building is worth $5million more so going that at a mill rate of 3.9% for commercial property the tax bill for the CN building should be $19500 for the whole building, assume the Brewery is renting out at least the entire first floor and part of the second floor, since they have to remove part of the floor for the tanks, so lets say at least 60% of the building goes to them the property taxes from the Brewery should be about $117000 are they even paying any of this?