C'mon everyone liven up our Thursdays!

People of Prince Rupert.

You read the paper, if you didn’t there was an article about how there isn’t anything for the tourists to do, so we should stay open because on Thursday nights merchants close, and tourists are unhappy. There was the idea, to close down a street and get dancers, to bring people downtown.

I’m all for that, if the tourists used the cross-walks and stayed on the side walks, and didn’t think that they owned the town.
If they had manners, and were kind and respectful and had the ability to act like a human being (I’m not saying they all do, but for the better portion of the boat they do)

Tourists do not.
Support the town. They have malls, and stores and the like ON the boat. I work cruise ship nights IN Cowbay, they do NOT.
Buy things, they do NOT carry bags from other stores. They look, and they complain and they moan about the heat, or the rain, or the hill going up third and how long it is.

Having more merchants down there won’t do anything but keep them occupied, and if we’re bending over backwards to make it happen then maybe it shouldn’t be here. Pretty soon the cruise line will own the whole waterfront anyways.

I’m sorry if I seem angry, or something but Does anyone else see ANYTHING that the tourists give us, I have countless stories of them just being horrible, Thinking they were in mexico and actually trying to pay in pesos, Believing that Canada was part of the U.K., Getting VERY angry at me for giving Canadian change and not understanding that because they were in Canada, we don’t use American currency.  And believing that their boat supplied ten thousand passengers to our town shopping up the storm, when in fact the Thursday boat only has 2, 441 or so people on it; Quite a few of those being crew, and about two thirds of them staying on the ship.


they are going to call you a heretic, lol. im not going to touch this one.  :smiley:

I have heard a mixture of comments from several people, from different backgrounds.
Are cruise ship passengers rude?  Absolutly!!!  Do they have any form of intelligence?  None whatsoever.  My 2 favourites are the " man you sure have a lot of mexicans up , here"…And "how bad are the avalanchees?, cause the signs are warning us of them"
Rupert hasnt risen to the occasion of the cruise ships.  We should have open markets in places like the Mariners park…or pave the Atlin Terminal parking lot and have open airs venues, music arts crafts, food fairs representing Canada and Prince Ruperts ethnic diversity.  Or maybe something at the Kwintsa station. 
Have you seen the Dust bowl demolition derby lot across form the Atlin Terminal?  Its disgusting.
We shouldnt have red tape hindering people from cashing in on cruise ships.  The best things to sell are the cheap trinkets.  Merkins…love cheap goddy crap!!

about livening up thursday evenings not sure whats stores are open but i do kNow that the Thrft stor eis open every thursday evening to 8pm and it  is very busy  with the toursits off the  ships, and they are very polite. they are all very nice people . so they  do, do something for are town they bring it to a point where maybe we are the ones that are not nice to them. they are nice to us. maybe we should recipricate that

Although I do not work in the tourist industry, I do know several people who do.  I have heard some rave reviews as well as some bad experiences that they have had with the tourists.  I do know that if we want to keep them coming back, we need to offer them a bit more.  This probably will not come in the form of shopping, unfortunately.  I have been on a cruise ship and can tell you first hand that they have it all - plenty of food, drinks and shopping.  One of the biggest problems that we are facing today is the high Canadian dollar.  Americans can tend to be a bit cheap when it comes to spending.  I agree that the owner being either the City or the Port needs to invest some money in the parking lot and the waterfront really needs some attention.  However, we also need to start putting the necessary money into our infrastructure first before we try to please others!!!

great post!

Are you for real???  Like the thrift store, as in the salvation army place?  Thats catering to the cruise ship!!!  For the love of charlie hayes …give our heads a shake!!!   What this town needs is more comments like below:

We are sitting on one of thest beautiful cities on the West coast of Canada.  We sit back and let corporations and industry backed politico parties dictate whats happening.  we have been in an economijc slump for about 8yrs, and the slightest hint of a rebound and all we can think of is economics.
What we really need is parkland on th e watefront.  We should hold the corporations and politicians at all level accountable to the people, who want and need recreations.  You drive down the waterfornt and its dominated by industry.
Kwintsa station is the only bit of recreation land on the entire island, excluding butze trail.

Being happy that the “thrift” store stays open for the cruise ship pax, tells me a plethora of things about rupert and cruise ships…and merkins

Hala-fucking-luya! i like your ideas, bigtime. you run for mayor and you get my vote.

Thank you! Finally someone with a head on their shoulders and some ideas to ponder about how to liven up this town…Had to love the article in the Snooze, especially where Councilwoman Sheila advises “someone” should contact the tourist bureau and the Chamber of Commerce…HELLO :unamused: Is that not part of her “job”? Oh, here’s a novel idea,something they know a little about in Rupert,  have a friggin’ meeting…THAT, they really have a handle on :angry:

The “stores” in the mall are open every Thursday until 8pm, because of the Norweigan Star.  We have a Shoppers Bus, that merchants around town pay into, in order for the bus to stop at certain places around town, and pick up and drop off cruisers who want to shop. 

Granted there are 2000 passengers, and hundreds of crew members on each boat, there is no way you will get even half of those off the boat on a Thursday night.  Here’s why:  The boat doesn’t dock until 4:30-5:30pm, which means passengers take another 30-45 minutes to get off.  They have to be back on the boat by 9pm, in order for the boat to leave at 10pm.  That leaves generally around 3 hours to get out and do things, but the timing sucks, because the stop is around dinner time. 

Most of the people we see in the mall are crew, and they are generally the ones spending money on regular things, not the “Canada clothes and nick-nacks” that the cruisers are looking for.  Of course, because the US dollar isn’t doing too well now, we do lose out on a lot of business once people realise how much they are really spending, compared to what they “think” they are spending.  You have no idea how many people bring up $50 worth of merchandise and think they are only spending $35 on it.  We tell them the total, and the people usually freak out, wondering why it’s almost the same between the Canadian Dollar price, and the US Dollar price.  They also bitch about our 13% tax as well, even when we tell them they can get some of the tax back if they save their receipts.

In my opinion, Thursdays would be the night that things should be centered around the waterfront, with more things for the cruisers to see and do, without having to go very far.  Maybe entertainment at Kwinitsa or Mariners Park, a "Farmer’s Market kind of setup maybe?  Just something that gets the people off the boat and looking around would be a step in the right direction.

But anyways, I love seeing new people in town, even if it’s only for a few hours.  Generally the cruisers are happy, very polite, and glad to be seeing other parts of the world.  I usually turn into more of a tour guide on Wednesdays, letting people know what they can get out and see and do while they are stopped for 9 hours… Thursdays not to much because it’s too short of a stop.  Last year was better on Thursdays… the boat was in from 3:30 or so until after 9… so there were usually a few more people around before dinner.

meh, that’s my rant for now… stay tuned for more.

the inner harbour in victoria is absolutely fantastic, i would love to see something simular to that going on, with all the arts and crafts being sold, magicians and performers of all sorts. when i was there that was the place to be, it was packed solid with tourists every day, i had the greatest time just watching artists painting portraits and listening to the musicians busking everywhere, it would be really good even for us locals. it sucks that we will probably all die of old age before anything ever gets done by that tent full of clowns.

  Total agreement there, I had a beautiful time also, soaking up the sun and just thoroughly enjoying the show!  This town has endless potential. What the F—K is wrong with our city council sitting with their thumbs stuck up their asses?. Do they not care to listen to anyone or is that a redundant question? It is frustration to the extreme… Maybe, we “civilians” should band together and effect our own ideas and plans…Hey, I know, let’s call a meeting…Can you tell I am tired of all the “meeting” bullshit in this town ?.  Some action please council members, I thought you were working for us but then I guess the operative word there is “working” :unamused:

Well excuse me but as a taxpayer I already spent 5 million bucks at high interest rates for that area around the cruise ship terminal.  That’s enough, period.  The “parking lot” is actually land for sale and the City issued tenders etc last year - and since then not a peep.  Let those who are whining and complaining about Thursday nights spend their own money to solve the “problem”.  Why should the taxpayers spend more money so that private businesses can benefit?  We already have Wednesdays ruined in town by these cruise ship yokels, why ruin Thursday nights as well.

This cruise ship industry is a big scam - the industry wants something for nothing and so far the City has been more than happy to give it to them.  I suspect that the sports fishing industry brings much more money into town and what do we do - start charging for parking at Rushbrook??  Maybe we should have a head tax on cruise ship passengers.  Step off the boat and pay a buck - and we invest the money in something for you to do in town.

Hmm I smell an uprising…

I will not do down with out a a fight.

Did you read that article written to the editor in last nights Snews?  From the manager of the Oasis apartments?  That revolted me.  TO put Done Krussel on the holy jesus platform?
To publicly ask for Dons picture to be autographed and signed and posted in the apartments?  See abou the economic prostituition thing I mentioned earlier.  
If Krussel was the god like creature or movie star stature that this  man is giving him he would be well rounded.  Approachable, extremely charimatic and think fo the overall needds of Prince Rupert.  Not just the business people who see light at the end.

We need to have a meeting…a group  of people with the same feelings, who see rupert for what it could be form an recreational perspective.

A group who isnt afraid to take the concerns and voices of the people to the poloitcal platform

Tourists…its a love hate relationship…well for me. I worked at timmys and beilieve me they were rude dumb arrogant, irritable crancky lil hicks…lol very few i was able to stand…but then i realize half way thru the line…wait…their americans…they cant help how they talk or act…look at their president!! so i forgave them thinking that they brought in money!
now your telling me they dont? Well there goes all hope f me getting along with them…i plow them down since they think they own the road and sidewalks and WILL try to run u over.
trying to liven up the town well good luck…really…i mean they cant even fix the side walk on 2nd there where i took of half my toe…!!!cause of all the lil potholes!
Its sad what this town has come to but you look at this…
they are charging ppl way to much to have a vending license dt even more at mairners park!! like im sorry if i was a vendor i would want to be shelving out big bucks to deal with those ppl! but if we want them to spend their $$ we need those prices to come down…and maybe an incentive for local groups to do their stuff…look the portugese , hindi, hiada, nisga’a, tsimpsian, and all those dance places…local cooks in the same societies as listed to sell food…intice them off the dam ship!! lol
well thats enuf 4 now thanks 4 readin

I believe that Don is a Big Wat Of What Mr. Black is all about and the jerk who runs the Oasis is some kind of ripoff from Alberta . Yes we could or should look at doing something for the Thursday night tourist , how about we as citizens go to city hall and demand first that they begin by working for us , now that is a change . Ms. Payne could figure out some Bullshit speech and she could sit in the corner and have her own f*%&*g meeting . I this this should be handed over to the citizens of Rupert , how do we entertain the bastards from BUshland . ( Dancers , music , different culture foods and take them on real tours so they may see what Rupert is made of , the Big City Polution . Does this have to be done by this Thursday coming ?

Okay, Okay, I will preface my post with my defense before I am labelled as a “Yankee Lover” so what is up with all the hatred of the Yanks in this town. I have encountered many since they have come here and they have been polite, interested in the culture of our area, ask for directions to whatever places we think they should visit, dine at etc. They remark on the beauty here and the only complaints I have heard from them personally are about the cruise ship itself. Apparently it is not all as cracked up as we would imagine! I have travelled extensively stateside and have always been treated well and as I am not politically inclined, I take people how they treat me and to be brutally honest, due to my job, I am disrespected and treated badly by some people in my own town and these are persons that we are attempting to assist daily and NO, I am not a social worker before I get shit for that! I am a DOP (Displaced Ontario Person) and I have never in all my years working with the public both there and here been so disrespected and abused by some, not all…So please, check your own front yard before you start generalizing about  others. You may find your own neighbor regards you as an asshole and then what? Are they Americans too? OK, I have vented and I know I am in for shit, so, well, bring it on I guess, but don’t be too brutal, I am very delicate  :smiley:

codybear5 - Nicely put! …now for my two cents…
I also think that a definate reality check is in order for some the working public…superhost program comes to mind! I don’t care what someone gets paid, if you are working with the public…if you don’t want to or don’t care for the negative or niceties…move on! There are still jobs out there that you don’t have to deal directly w/ the public and people to fill your spot. (ps. don’t apply for a job w/smartass either…sounds like she knows what public service is all about - CUSTOMER SERVICE)     
No matter where you go…establishments/communities/provinces/states/countries you are going to find the curmudgeons (they don’t solely exist in the US) and the sweethearts…there will always be the cranky asses that complain about prices, current exchange, weather, etc…and there will always be the ones that choose to find the beauty in most everything and are acutely aware that although they can bitch and complain there is nothing the staff at hand can do to rectify the situation and that its pointless so choose not to bother and focus on the good things…
as for work required to the waterfront…albeit nice…the city can get bent if they want more freakn tax money from me…just like the city streets that our lovely mayor was quoted saying that road upkeep would commence once winter weather passed…and then…to no big surprise…our taxes were raised  because they can’t afford to fix the roadways w/out our monies…
as for waterfront activities…who’s to say that if locals took the time to build a market/put in place more vendors/ethnic entertainment that the tourists would be interested…like anything else…some would enjoy it…others wouldn’t …there are always tons of people that don’t even bother to leave the ship…you can’t please everybody…
ok…my turn…i too am somewhat sensi…so go gently…

(ps. yes i am a LOCAL …born and raised…never left!)

i a have to my 2 1/2 cents in (inflation ya know)  I see the tourist’s in town. I enjoy going down to cowbay and watch them with all there bags of goodies that they purchased from our community and going back to the cruiseship with big smiles, a few times I’ve asked what did you buy, ohh you guys have the best prices on alcohol, so we going to stock up, also you have better supplies of candy and chips.

people are not going to pay a staff members to keep a store open for looky loo’s, if store owners were making money they would be…

and the guy from the Oasis apartments is an ass kisser, he going to have a bunch of empty apartments untill Dec 2008? …anyways americans are alittle dence about our  great country… calling the eagles in the trees’s in cowbay american bald eagles I’m like you know your in canada right. these are canadian bald eagles and actually bald eagles are all the same… lol…

oh and about entertainment these two boys have there own corner on Atlin terminal… 

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I would just like to respond to JJR posting regarding a head tax on the tourist.  For all of you who does not know, the Port Authority does collect a head tax for each person on these ships.      Considering the good citizens of Prince Rupert has paid a majority of the money for this infrastructure, one would have thought that head tax would have been directed back to the City coffers to recover some of the debt this project created.  However, your good old City Council has neglected to tell the taxpayers the truth - and that is that they negotiated a bad deal for us.  Furthermore, when you see those big barges and other vessels tied up there starting in the fall, again the Port Authority charges them moorage and the City does not see a dime.  It is time for people to really start asking City Council who pays their expenses…