Cloudflare Speedtest

I really like Cloudflare’s new speediest:

Compare with:

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Interesting. I conducted a few speed tests with the speed tests that you listed and I also tried ookla speedtest.
Cloudfare consistently rated my speed as higher than fast or ookla.

No shit, they report speeds higher than what I pay for, 50% higher than everyone else. Unlikely Telus would give you more than you pay for.
Maybe they have some US derived definition of megabits, like they do for gallons and miles and inches…

I have a 600 megabit connection, but at times, I can get that just over 1 gigabit on That’s because there’s “real-world” compression happening.

I find that the cloudflare speedtest seems to show “application” speed, not necessarily network speed. For example, I do it on chrome, and I get 100 megabit or so. If I fire up another browser or tab and do the test at the same time, I can get it up to 100 megabit as well. Watching on the router, I can see the graph goes to 200 megabit. I was able to get it over 600 megabit by doing that – repeating the test on multiple browsers and applications.

Meanwhile, depending on your ISP, they may have a cloudflare server right in their server farm. Which means even faster connections. Same with Netflix (for

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Here’s my Shaw has a Netflix CDN server right in their network (in Edmonton).

And here’s Cloudflare. Shaw doesn’t have a Cloudflare CDN in their network. It goes all the way to Seattle.

How about you guys? Where