Cloudflare Speedtest

I really like Cloudflare’s new speediest:

Compare with:

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Interesting. I conducted a few speed tests with the speed tests that you listed and I also tried ookla speedtest.
Cloudfare consistently rated my speed as higher than fast or ookla.

No shit, they report speeds higher than what I pay for, 50% higher than everyone else. Unlikely Telus would give you more than you pay for.
Maybe they have some US derived definition of megabits, like they do for gallons and miles and inches…

I have a 600 megabit connection, but at times, I can get that just over 1 gigabit on That’s because there’s “real-world” compression happening.

I find that the cloudflare speedtest seems to show “application” speed, not necessarily network speed. For example, I do it on chrome, and I get 100 megabit or so. If I fire up another browser or tab and do the test at the same time, I can get it up to 100 megabit as well. Watching on the router, I can see the graph goes to 200 megabit. I was able to get it over 600 megabit by doing that – repeating the test on multiple browsers and applications.

Meanwhile, depending on your ISP, they may have a cloudflare server right in their server farm. Which means even faster connections. Same with Netflix (for

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Here’s my Shaw has a Netflix CDN server right in their network (in Edmonton).

And here’s Cloudflare. Shaw doesn’t have a Cloudflare CDN in their network. It goes all the way to Seattle.

How about you guys? Where

Telus ‘Internet 300’ Kamloops, BC. Wifi vs wired. This might be the first time I have ever used the ethernet port on my laptop, ever.



On Telus 300 my laptop routinely updates games on Steam Library at 21-22 MBps, which is the 176 mbps my wifi seems to be limited at. With Telus 150 I still saw 20-21 MBps so yes they do give you slightly more than you’re paying for - probably depending on where you’re living.

The nice thing about your connection is that your upload is close to your download :slight_smile:

It’s a real problem with cable where I am, they use most of the channels for download, and neglect upload. And for 99% of people that’s fine. But if you do anything like upload 4K raw video, etc, then it’s a problem :frowning:

According to this speed test I am getting what I am paying for with Quantum 50 at CityWest here in Prince Rupert. I was surprised that my upload speed is better than expected; usually it’s 5 MB/sec.

I’ve always been impressed with Telus’ fibre upload rates.

BTW, I feel like 20+ years ago you may have explained to a young CHSS IT class that speed isn’t speed at all, but just a rate. Obviously these days speed is the most common term for how ‘fast’ someones internet is.

I might be thinking of someone else, but I’m wondering if it was the same nerve being striked as when someone refers to anything and everything with the oil and gas industry as ‘fracking’, and then how did ‘frack’ ever get that ‘k’ in it. Still bothers me, but it’s now more common than any other explanation or word related to it.

Yup :slight_smile:

Speed is distance / time. That’s the ping you see there, measured in milliseconds. That’s the speed.

We’re actually measuring capacity and calling it speed. :-(.

My speed is 700km/14ms. Or 50,000 km/hour or so :slight_smile:

My capacity is measured in bits.

But it’s a lost cause now, because unless you’re talking to network nerds, average people will just think you’re mansplaining to them or something. lol.

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50,000 km/s or 1,800,000,000 km/hr right?

As long as we can agree that my 300km/3ms is twice as fast as yours.

Ah you’re right!

Seconds, not hours!

Screamed bloody murder and they reduced charge from $75 mo to $40. Still goes dead 4 or 5 times a day for 5 minutes (from inside the router, it won’t ping it’s own gateway, loses sync). It’s 10 blocks to the central office, this is best they can do.
Been a long long lockdown

Total bummer, man. A while back we had a fiber break between the North Coast and Vancouver. We had two weeks of almost no connectivity. CityWest jury rigged a minimal connection for us. You’re lucky that you got some money back. CityWest didn’t give us our money back

Not really money back, the buggers kept sneaking the price up, reducing the bundle discounts and best of all redefined premium as 'the best they can deliver to your address" so therefore I was moved to the top tier rate.
Then they bought out the cable company, and when I checked them out the rates were raised to within $1.00…
just like our national CRTC cell scam…

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