Clocks ahead saturday nite

Don’t forget all that saturday nite before bed or sunday morning when you wake up put your clocks ahead 1 hour so that means you loose 1 hour of sleep

Crap, can’t we just leave it?

What’s the use of doing that nowadays anyways? (ooh I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it) :smiley:

I’d rather change it to summer time, then leave it THERE… more hours in the evening, is much better!  It’s stupid, the way it is doesn’t even make sense!  Why would you want it darker earlier in the evening during winter? 

I have no idea. I’m up for just leaving it anyways. That way I don’t lose any sleep.

Helps us feel more miserable all winter. Part of our Protestant Work Ethic heritage…

Yeah, doesn’t make sense right now for us, but I guess it’s being driven by the Americans.

It would make more sense in a month from now.