Classic Chinese Poem

Classic Chinese Poem

Could have been worse, it could have been a menu…


Makes you wonder what some of them fancy tattoos actually mean … :smiley: :smiley:

Japanese uses a lot of the same characters that Chinese does, so I get quite a chuckle when I see people’s tats sometimes.  I once heard of a guy who got the character for “leg” tattooed on his arm.  When asked why, he said “I just liked how it looked”.

Speaking of having random Japanese phrases tattooed on the body:

This guy is not Asian BTW

Sad… lol

And yes this is Japanese.  The first part of the third line is in katakana, which is Japanese phonetic script.

Roughly translated, it says:

(I am a) rebel/dissident
(I am a) nationalist
(I am a) member of the fascist party

Where did you find this?
Strange how a nationalist member of the fascist party would get something tattooed in a FOREIGN language… … 2210571832

:smiley: :imp: :imp: :smiley: :imp: :smiley:

Don’t worry, I don’t think you’re a wapper. lol

Oh, these guys!  Man, they really are ridiculous!