Class of 1978 Classmate ( ie not only GRADS) Reunion


Time to dust off the John Travolota suit and the ruffle dresses.  Come back for a blast to the past.  Cost is $60 for the whole weekend or $15 fri, $30 Sat and $15 Sunday
Aug 1 2 3 2008

Friday Aug 1 Wine & Cheese
Saturday Aug 2 Dinner & Dance
Sunday Aug 3 family BBQ

For more information on location and times please email

Home to see lots of locals  :smile:

Why not just post the locations and times. Is it top secret?

Yeah, they don’t want anyone to crash their kegger!

It is a way of getting people to RVSP so that we have a better handle on the numbers! Rather than having people just show up and we don’t have enough food etc.

Crazy Wild and Never Straight we are the class of '78!
So no I don’t thing we would mind if you crashed our kegger! May not be too much left though haha!

So how was the reunion?? I had a relative go up there for it and he was telling us that while not a lot of people showed up, it was great to see those that did. Oddly enough, a guy he’d lost track of right after graduation ended up contacting my husband on a work-related issue the other day and it was funny after thirty years for this guy to have suddenly popped up!!


It was a blast, for those in town who didn’t make it / chose not to you missed the best one ever. not a lot of people came (68 for saturday dinner) but lots that didn’t come because of conflicting events want to come back for the 2010 Homecoming.  This was a very low key event, usually we have had to set up decorate and clean up halls, which after no sleep on the Friday you start to run out of steam.  I would highly recommend renting the golf course for your next event ( fits 100) Cu does great food and they have a stereo cd and you have the place all to your self.  The prime rib buffet at Solly’s was Delicious. I don’t go there on a regular basis, but my goodness for $23 per person there was halibut in dill sauce, prime rib with an au jus and a gravy 4 types of salads.  Fries, baked potato or rice pilaf, shrimp, cold meats & cheeses we did a salmon, and  Solly’s had tons of homemade desserts.  I have had a couple of people pop up in the last week as well.  Funny tried as we might to find some people  … oh well.

Thanks for asking.

Mmmmm, we had a dinner at Solly’s for my husband’s 20th reunion, I recall it was good but your description of the dinner they served to you had me drooling!

I feel so damn cheated-Rupert always seems to have great reunions (my husband’s was fun) and I’ve never had the chance to go to a grad reunion of my own. The only one they had was combined with an overall school-wide reunion that left us exactly one garden party for the class of '78 to attend and there was little hope in hell of me travelling back all that way just for a couple of damned hours! It’s not like it’s hard to contact me (my mom still lives in our original home) but the lazy-ass bitcas who promised to set them up years ago apparently never really delivered.  :unamused: My college reunion was a bit of a mixed bag since I was pregnant at the time and couldn’t drink…oh well, I’ll just have to live vicariously through the Rupert ones I suppose.