Civic Pride today in PR

Wow, great contribution from many volunteers today and lots of garbage for the city employees to pick up tomorrow. Job well done volunteers and it does look great!!!  Saving the city lots of over time, they can continue to spend money on the fellow with a blower, blowing the little rocks around city hall.

However; after I met with Charlotte Rowse, she stated that Karen Pederson called and said they would be more than happy to help put a dumpster  for the garbage. Guess the city said no as other citizens would just dump their garbage in the dumpster!!  Big deal at least the garbage is getting out and we have a business willing to help out.  I honestly do not get it, can someone help me understand the thinking of senior management at City Hall?

Anyways, the willingness of the business to help out, “Thank You!!” And yes there were a few councilors (two, not sure if the Mayor showed up) I saw there.  And of course, Gary Coons, way to go Gary!!!  :smile:

Thinking… senior management. oh what’s that song, one of these thing is not like the other or some such tune? :imp:

i could volunteer to watch the dumpster with a key and only let those picking up from civic pride use it . simple solution

Wow I was downtown on Saturday, someone was painting the West End and the old East Wind empty store.  Someone has volunterred to go around and paint all the boarded up store fronts.  lots of stores fronts that are empty but not boarded up have nice displays in them.  Congrats to all … espcially the Charlotte Rowse … gave lots of people a kick in the bum to get out there and clean up !

yea the empty storefronts should let the existing stores use them for advertising to display their items in other parts of town and not have an empty store to look at. or use that window paint and paint the windows  :smiley: