Civic Pride Clean Up Tonight 7-9pm

Come out to Mariners Memorial Park to lend a hand cleaning up the city!

"A long-time member of Prince Rupert Civic Pride is concerned at how much participation in community clean-ups has dwindled. Charlotte Rowse says a cleanup a few weeks ago had one the lowest turnouts. She’s hoping more people turnout for a clean-up scheduled for tomorrow night.

“We should have a hundred or so out now last year we had one, there was 50 or sixty people came out and that was good I hear other places, a hundred to two-hundred people turn out in these small towns and they have one big cleanup and so it was rather discouraging and of course of that 20 I think 8 were children.” Says Rowse, Coordinator of Civic Pride.

“I would love to take them all to that area [downtown behind Fisherman’s Hall] and see if we couldn’t start a big cleanup. There’s old cars, there’s junk, there’s a terrible mess and that just shouldn’t be downtown.” She adds.

A clean up is scheduled for tomorrow evening between 7 and 9 pm starting out at Mariner’s Memorial Park where participants will receive bags and gloves. Rowse is hoping a weeknight cleanup will result in a better turnout than a Sunday cleanup."

What we need is more notice! I had no idea about the last clean up, until I saw someone lonely sitting on the picnik table at Mariners .

I’ve helped out at two other clean ups, but I knew well in advance that they were happening!

Could you please post when the next one will be? I’d like to help out.

Late notice…

Maybe catch the next one

Seriously… how can you expect people to show up when there is little to no notice?

Myself and our children were hoping to get involved in a clean-up. We do so on our own but would like to attend a group effort as well. I had no idea about last night until I saw this today.

I received this on my facebook and for those who would like to participate here is the info:

Time Tuesday, July 19 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location Mariner’s Park

More Info
The Communities in Bloom judges will be here on July 20th. Let’s make our neighborhoods shine! We’ll supply bags and gloves.