Citywest, what the

Hey everyone. I pay 80$ a month for internet high speed “quantum 20” as Citywest calls it. And at peak times the speed drops dramatically, to a point where I browse through web pages and they time out. Can’t even watch videos without buffering 20 times. Do you guys experience this too? Any other options around Rupert? Citywest keep on saying everything is OK but its “normal” that it slows down during peak hours but I’m seriously done, if I pay for 20mbps, I want 20mbps. if I get less, why would I even pay? A big part of my job is done through the internet, I am also a gamer, and I find it unacceptable. I just moved here and their customer service is ridiculous!

Working fine on my end…

Curious as to where you moved to Rupert from. I always thought City West wasnt always the best internet speed and I never bothered with there mobile service, but I found the ladies in the down town fantastic. Here in Victoria Shaw internet does provide a much more consistent 20meg or close to it even at peak periods, however the over all cost of services is a lot more, and you dont get the friendly service like up there.

We pay for the 5mbps package and it works just fine. I can download a 800mb movie in 25 mins or a high quality movie say in 50 mins.

Dam I did not realize they offer a package that big :smile:

How much you pay for that Kat ?

Shaw has 100 meg and 250 meg available. Crazy fast.

Well, I got credited a month a while back when I complained, but I have yet to receive that call back from them: “We’ll call you back when we have an answer”…

And Katray, your test was at 11:43pm. Mine were around 7pm-9pm…

“Your winter tires will only work on snow when there’s no traffic”

This is on Quantum 20 with Citywest, my wireless connection.

Then it has to be localized to my area. I was told every time I would call that they “tested (my) modem and everything was fine” until I showed them screenshots… Then I was told an upgrade was needed but a few days later it was supposedly fixed. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere for service, if that even exist in Rupert :stuck_out_tongue:

For internet service City West is it…

I love how every time I’ve gone down to CityWest to complain, they get back to me that there is nothing wrong, but the problem I complained about is miraculously fixed. I doubt that’s a citywest only thing though… I’ve always assumed that’s standard operating procedure for tech companies.

email them get a response a lot quicker, mine was crappy during peak times for 2 months and they said they knew about it in my area and were waiting for more equipment to address the problem, during peak times i was barely getting 2 megs download now it is back up to 15 megs download, im on quantum 15