CityWest Speeds February 2008

Something fixed in Rupert?

Up speeds to Rupert used to be HORRIBLE, I’m talking 7 to 100 K

I think it’s just you.

Could be your new overlords of the forests, perhaps they’ve increased the speeds at your end of the digital universe…


2245kb/s down 375 upload.  ftw I had an average of 4000-5000 download and 400-500 upload… wrong dns numbers maybe?  I had to reset the router and I don’t have my paper that has the info I kinda just winged it and actually worked.  All I really had to go on was the IP so I don’t know

I’m quite sure that if I had the wrong Connection info, such as DNS numbers I wouldn’t be able to connect at all  :stuck_out_tongue:

ack! damn upload has got me jones’n

Here is mine,  it shocked me yesterday when it took a mearly 3 min to download the new Ubuntu 7.1 cd 689mbs.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

that’s some good speeds.

I’m too ashamed to post my speeds, I’ll post them in the morning

I predict, 4500 kilobits per second (down), and about 400 kilobits per second (up)




cap cap cap  :imp: :imp:

can someone explain to me how to post a picture? hehehe my speeds are as is:

Down = 4272
Up = 420… :wink: