Citywest Spam Filters not Working?

Is everyone else on Citywest getting innudated with the following spam? My Telus account is passing none of this crap through to me but it seems the same message is passing through the Citywest Barracuda spam filter from numerious aliases… 8 this morning alone!

[quote=“Spam”] Halo Dear JobSeeker.
Only for Canadian residents!
CSB Trust. Our company is engaged in payments automation. Our headquarters is situated in the USA but we have our employees all over the world. We offer worldwide cash flow solutions for our clients and their businesses. For the permanent access of our clients and for advancing of their facilities our company is looking for individuals. We need sedulous workers in each corner of the world.
For them we are offering great working conditions.
You want to be independent? You want to have a stable and high-paid work? Join us right now!
Job Location: CANADA Job type: Part-time Requirements: - Competent management of payments; - Ability to print and scan documents; - Available to work 2-3 hours per day; - Responsibility; - PC, Internet, E-mail advanced skills; Salary: $20000 - $40000 per annum. We pay cash daily!
If you are interested, please direct your CV:
Please contact, if you are eligible to live and work in Canada only and your documents aren’t out of date.
Best regards [/quote]

We get dozens every day for the last few months,thought it was just us…somebody at Citywest must have fallen asleep!

I stopped using CityWest e-mail several years ago. I prefer to use gmail, Gmail has much greater storage (7.5+ GB) and much better spam filtering.

Ah don’t worry, they’ll no doubt have another system outage soon! So you wont see any spam for a while.

Just be glad you can check your email at all. I hear citywest is run by chimps with typewriters. Which answers the question someone asked about why the city website cant be updated for things like fireworks cancellations.

Ah… I guess they asked around on the golf course and no one saw any need for working Spam Filters…

Maybe they got sick of the calls from ppl whining their friends important email didn’t get there, can’t tell you when they claim to have sent it, take half an hour to tell you @whatdomaintheirfriendissendingbecauseit’, doesn’t believe hotmail or yahoo servers ever get blacklisted, insists its up to you to straighten it out with sorbs and wants you to whitelist

7.5gig that’s it i have 27.3 gigs+ !