CityWest presents a vision of growth for Chamber of commerce meeting

It was a fairly upbeat assessment from the marketing and sales manager of CityWest at a recent Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce meeting.
Chad Cunningham, outlined a positive message for his audience on January 20th, suggesting that 2010 could be the “best year on record” for the city owned telephone and telecommunications company and that 2011 could be even more impressive…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 3672891229 )

“Mr. Cunningham quoted statistics that state that CityWest currently has 87 per cent of the telecommunications market in Prince Rupert …”

Positive message but a negative statistic. Since Citywest has 100% of the land line business, 87% of the “telecommunications market” suggests that quite a lot of the cell phone market has been lost to Rogers over the past two years.  

arent you a negative nelly . rogers has a share of the market but not a huge one .one thing the city makes money from but people still constantly condemn citywest lol. could always apply there to see if you can run it better

Does Citywest still sell CDMA phones?  Can you buy a Nokia phone from Citywest? What about Apple iphones?

No, I’m not a “negative nellie” … that’s just a cheap shot … my comment is about numbers. If you know how much share of the cell market Rogers and Citywest each have why don’t you tell us?

Their regular phones were all CDMA when I checked a couple of months ago, but a couple of their recent smartphones appear to be HSPA compatible. Whether they are running on HSPA or are “dual mode” is another question … not a lot of information on their site without researching user guides. I much prefer HSPA …

Does anyone recall when Citywest held their last public meeting?

As for numbers, would be nice if we actually could see some proper reporting on this city asset but apparently the chair Mr. Howie and his board nor the city council sees a need for transparency when it comes to reporting on publicly owned assets.

I don’t know how much of a percentage Citywest has lost to Rogers in the cell market, but on the day I got my iPhone at East Wind… within a half hour, I counted 14 Rogers customers, and at least another 7 more who wanted to be one.

I got rid of my Citwest land-line, as well as cell within the last month, and my bill has dropped by $100.  I am only paying $10 more to have an iPhone, with a million more features, and possibilitis than my $65 a month echoing texting phone with Citywest.  I wish I changed over sooner :smiley: