CityWest maintenance may make your valentine text nothing but unrequited love

How do I love thee, let me text the ways… not so fast you Bell type cellular phone users and PDA type phone aficionados, February is going to be a very quiet month for you.

City West published a notice of suspension of service in Friday’s paper, advising some Prince Rupert mobile data users that their service will be interrupted for up to 4 weeks. Interestingly enough, the local communications company neglected to communicate their maintenance message on their own web site.

It’s part of a requirement for a clear window of maintenance to establish permanent data roaming connections with their partners.

The Web service for those identified apparently about 250 customers will be suspended as of tonight (Friday) at 11 pm and continue until March 1st at 11 pm.

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 7597242565 ) –

we;; at 11:30 pm texting still works, guess there a  :smiley: bit late at shutting it down… :smiley:

Texting and voice options are unaffected by this bit of maintenance…so the paper said :neutral_face:. Just the web browsing features.

Here’s the copy of the ad in the Daily News…


Notice of February service suspension…

In order to provide a clear window of maintenance to establish permanent data roaming connections with our partners, CityWest will be required to suspend the use of the mobile data services from the local cellular network in Prince Rupert for a period of up to 4 weeks.

Cellular voice services and Cellular text messaging services will be unaffected.

The Mobile Web service that is available to customers with a Bell type cellular phone will also be affected and the Mobile Data services available to customers with PDA-type phones will also be affected. This outage is expected to affect approximately 250 customers in Prince Rupert.

The web service will be unavailable starting Feb 1st- at 11 pm and is expected to be available again by March 1st at 11 pm. Customers who currently subscribe to these features on a monthly basis will not be charged for the service during this period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance outage may cause our customers.

Yep texting will still work… well… as much as it does work… which isn’t 100% as of yet.  The data transfer is the thing that won’t be working until March.  So no mobile Facebook for CityWest users yet!


Ummm and the fact that Citywest is unable to effectively launch a new service is news?

Is caller id down to? there were suppose to hook mine up today.  I called it in friday, I figured they would of forgot