Citywest internet

Is it just me or is the out of town internet down…again

There definitely seems to be something wrong this a.m.  Ping rates are terrible and some sites are not responding.

I had it at home on Sherbrooke Ave but at work we have HTMF only. Probablly citywest’s site if I checked.

I smell a good conspiracy!

Interestingly enough things are working rather well at my end of town, haven’t really had a problem accessing any sites and such.

Must be that everyone else is giving up, giving me the benefit of the hard working hamster wheel down at citywest…

Well, the internet seems fine to me.

There is some fiber washed out, but I’m not sure it’s the Citywest one.  It’s definitely taken out PLnet and the other provincial government offices’ internet access.

There are other routes into town, though. 

Still the only site i can get on is HTMF.

I can get to HTMF from the 604.

Hey anyone out there…I need HELP!!  I had to call Dave at Citywest today as I had no access to any of my sites and as I am techno-challenged and can’t reach him now, I am reaching out to you experts. He walked me through a settings issue that I had and, yes, apparently the flood has affected some of the fibres?? However, I am still unable to go online with MSN…I have a notification that my Internet Outlook browser is not connecting :confused:All of my other sites and internet access are OK…By the way, I am still in the dark ages and have Windows 98 and ashamed to admit, dialup…Help, please?

What’s dial up? lol

          :Sad to say, I think I’d be better off with friggin’ smoke signals!  But it is “up to speed” now…

Yes the CityWest fibre was washed out and the word is that with the highway now open CityWest will be making repairs to the fibre line today …

For normal internet users at home I don’t think this makes much difference since as far as I know CityWest was still sending that internet traffic out over the Telus microwave (CityWest has two DS3 circuits from Telus I believe).  The fibre was being used by some major corporate customers and CityWest itself.

The courthouse IT room has been offline since the cable broke which affects a ton of things around town. We’re like some kind of hub for all things government. I don’t pretend to understand what goes through there other than to say there is more security linked to that one room than any other I’ve seen. It will be good if they get us up and running again.

The RNC (regional network centre) for the BC Govt network in Rupert is in the basement of the Courthouse.  The govt network group (CITS) contracts out carrier services for various portions of their network.  As far as I know the carrier for the Terrace to Rupert section is Navigata (which is owned by SaskTel) and since Navigata doesn’t have any actual physical connection to Rupert they will buy bandwidth from other carriers.  If the CITS network is still down in Rupert that would mean that Navigata was buying space on the CityWest fibre and didn’t have a backup plan to use another carrier.  PLNET may also have been affected since that is part of the provincial CITS setup (though CityWest may be the PLNET carrier in Rupert).  Clear as mud?

All I know is that when that room is down it drives us nuts. All kinds of bells and whistles go off, we get panic calls from all over the place, and nothing works. I remember once the air conditioning in the room failed and Saanich got a call from someone in Ontario telling him to get down there immediately. We open the door and it was like when I stepped off the plane in Vegas.  :smile:

PLnet was down for most of Friday, but they re-routed and it started working just fine on Friday evening.  The reason they gave us was that the flood had destroyed a fiber link.

Oh, and PLnet recently improved their bandwidth capacity into Rupert, so I assumed they were using the Citywest fiber.