CityWest Internet ( July 2007 )

The speed is quite good on this Canada Day.  Is the fiber intact between here and Terrace?

Somebody cleaned out your tubes, I guess.

Yep, used Acme tube flush…a bit costly, but effective. :sunglasses:

Mine still suck:

What does it all mean.  I have no doubt that I have the worst internet connection in town. :frowning:

Wow does this ever blow.

My speedtest results are weird.  My download from Vancouver is faster than my result from within PR.
nauticalpixel you have a killer connection. :sunglasses:

One morning, at about 2-3am, living in the HarbourSide apartments, I saw this. (The attached image).

Insane. To verify it wasn’t a glitch, I logged into my newsgroup to download a 715MB movie and did so in under 23 seconds. I want that speed again. lol…

It only lasted about 35~ minutes, though.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

atm is fooling you. what happened is their proxy had already downloaded yer files into its cache,  so it looks like yer faster than you are. one way to use that to your advantage is load the webpage with the big files you want, then go make lunch or something. a “while” later initiate the transfer…the entire page will in the cache at citytel and you will pull it as fast as your lan connection speed will allow, i do this all the time.

Now that was not to nice, you went and stomped on his happiness of THINKING he was downloading at fast speeds.  GESH chris,

ahh shit sorry about that, ignore what i said its bullshit anyways.

EVERY ONE, please ignore what dumbass said, he was tired.

Mildly sucking now; I had good download speeds this a.m.

I just came down off the mountaintop where my SaskTel-Navigata 10MB POP is. Speedtested at 6200 down and 728 up, right on the fiber. What a croc!
Gotta do some tweaking as my home connection’s dropped to barely basic DSL speeds too.

maybe it is time to mass email citywest about the speed problems pick a day and pick a tech to email too since they don’t seem to respond to individual emails maybe a day of emails from frustrated net users might get them to issue a statement

I’ve never seen speeds anything close to what you get, herbie.  It must be nice.  :smiley:
The speed is good this am.

My speeds out of town are still better than within town.  Odd.
this is what i got

Road trip:-)  I’m leaving PR today; I’ll be in PG tonight, and Edmonton tomorrow.  Next week I’ll be in Delta.  I’ll be curious to see what cable Internet speeds are like in Delta. :smiley: