CityWest Internet January 2009

The speed within town is good, but, I’m experiencing sluggish speeds outside PR.  Maybe someone needs to clean the tubes:-)

Just wanted to show you guys speeds coming into Rupert from Vic.

My cable internet has been extremely slow is this just me?

I’m sorry I am new to this but can I get Telus internet in P.R. instead of CityWest?

Citywest says there is nothing wrong with my line.  I think I"ll offer them 1/2 the bill payment for this month.

I was going to sign up for Cable internet the other day, but the CS woman I spoke to said that they were in the process of some major upgrades to their DSL hardware. I thought that the upgrades were supposed to have gone live by now, but I haven’t noticed any improvement.

However, with all the recent weather events, it’s possible that the fiber line to Terrace has been in and out of commission.

Sorry, I just can’t resist…

Heh-heh, you’re evil.  :imp:

No, THIS is evil:

:imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

LMAO…agreed! :smiley:

Bah, if it’s any consolation my internet has been slow lately

Roommate must be downloading pr0n or something. 

I’m now working on my TR voodoo doll. :smiley:

Heh, that doll must be faulty my speeds are back up today

Unfortunately my upload speed is crap.  Bah. 

Not a problem…I’m making a new doll. :imp:
Jeez, my speed within town is fine, but, out of town blows.

Here’s a test during the times they suggested I use the internet. Their thinking is that my speeds should increase as there would likely be less traffic on at other times. Perhaps they meant when nobody was on the internet the same time I was.

They did offer 1/2 price till they complete their upgrade sometime this month, I thought with this quality of service, it should be free.

Early in the morning the Internet is acceptable, but, lately my connection dies in the afternoon and evening.
I hope CityWest completes their upgrade soon and replaces the faulty tubes.