CityWest fiber in Smithers - Any feedback or slowdown issues?

So hopefully my install takes place on Monday. The call center rep said that the techs can’t guarantee when they will be installing it, but that’s not a worry as my folks have a key to my apartment. I wanted to know if the same slowdown issues exist on the fiber as they do on the older DOCSIS network during peak hours?

I’m currently on 15 Mbps DSL, and I am looking forward to having 50 Mbps when the fiber is installed.

Interesting stuff. Let us know how it performs.

How much does 50Mbps fiber cost?

BTW - Shaw & Rogers are pushing 120meg (and I think 250meg) via Docsis 3.0+ modems, no fiber necessary.

I lived in Edmonton for 12 years, so I am already familiar with Shaw’s HFC network. It sucked moving back home to Smithers, having to put up with a maximum of 15 Mbps from TELUS. Hopefully CityWest’s 50 Mbps package will drive some competition into the area, and force TELUS to upgrade their network.

How much does 50meg cost in Smithers?

Too much, lol. It costs $120 per month for Internet alone. CityWest is replacing all the coaxial cabling in my apartment building in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll be first one to have it installed.

Hopefully it is better than the 50 in Terrace. I switched back to 20 after trying 50 but it was twice the price for the same speed.

That is my result after having it installed earlier today. This was just taken a few moments ago during primetime hours.