Citywest Digital Cable HD/DVR/PVR Receiver For Sale

Prince Rupert:
Digital Cable Motorola DCT6412 HD/DVR/PVR receiver with remote control, $100
used for about one year

  • for Citywest digital cable TV
  • 120GB built-in hard drive
  • can record your favorite show whether it is at 9 in the morning or 11 at night.
  • allow you to watch a program while record another
  • if you rent one from Citywest, it will cost you $15 - $20 each month. If you buy one, don’t have to pay rent.

Similar to the Motorola DCX 3400 HD/DVR, the bottom one on this page,

DCT6412 doesn’t record as many hours as DCX3400, but it is enough for most families!

Please PM.

with remote control, $100 OBO

  • Citywest Motorola

[quote=“northwest”]with remote control, $100 OBO

  • Citywest Motorola[/quote]

i’ll give you $50 since it has no warranty and they promo them brand new for$100

i’ll give you $50 since it has no warranty and you can get it for $100 from citywest when they promo them

a $100?.. they sell them for a $100 at citywest…

Didn’t know they sell it for $100 now. I paid $250 plus tax one year ago. … 0boxes.pdf

crazy they were $100, might of been a promo.

Those were refurbished machines, and they were one per customer.

refurbished or used not much difference in my mind really