CityWest crap again

Yeah, I’ve talked with quite a few people about this. Everyone’s connection with citywest keeps crashing, going off and on sometimes every few minutes (this is the case of some, not all)

Also, Even my internet goes off and on every so often (it never did before…) The Router would show that everything is perfectly fine and everything is still connected but no pings could reach the outside world :astonished: then I realized “look at the dsl modem!!” so I do that and voila, red light is illuminated as the first one.

it stays like that for like 10 seconds then comes back on, my point being is that I am experiencing the same thing as everyone I’ve talked to about it.

I also know somebody close to me who went into Citywest and asked what the big deal was, they then convinced him it was his computers then continued to ask if they were “new” and what type of network he is on, He then explained to them that the connection to citywest crashes every so often regardless if he has the dsl modem hooked up to the router or the dsl modem directly hooked up to the computer he’s using.

so, I think something is going down!!

this is annoying, I mean not only am I on a capped Premium DSL (I only get like 2 Megabits solid … . ) (and paying the full amount for it. .  .) but now that our connection’s with citywest gets dumped every so often!?!


[/endrant] :smile:

Yeah, I’ve been being disconnected off and on as well, thought it was my wireless router.

the peeps at citywest would like you to think that, I mean it’s not possible that EVERYONE in rupert cannot configure their router properly. :smiley:

I have yet to sign up with citywest for internet.

So far, I’m not so happy with them.  They’re trying to convince me to sign up with Cable instead of ADSL, when I prefer ADSL.  They say they don’t have a lot of spots left for ADSL, but they could give me one if I absolutely insist on it.  With ADSL, you have three speeds available, and with cable you have two.  I really only want/need the middle speed, I’ve never paid for “excellerated” or “premium” before, and since I’m not a gamer, I don’t feel there is a need for it.  Anyway…

With Cable you have a choice between “lite” and “premium” making the price of it much higher than the middle choice of ADSL.  Then, they tell me that where I live, I most likely won’t get a good signal with the ADSL, and that I should try cable… after a bit more chatting, I find out that, actually, I probably could get a good enough signal if I went with ADSL. sigh

And then, the price is significantly higher than what I’m used to from my old city, and there’s no discount for having both phone and internet service together. 

So, I’m going to share my neighbour’s secured system and pay for part of it.  I’ll have to buy a repeater or whatever though.

I gotta say that overall, I don’t have a lot to complain about with this town, but this whole internet thing is pissing me off.  Where is the competition?!?!?!?  Everywhere else in the province Shaw and Telus (and in some areas Rogers) are all fighting for your business, with Telus offering free computers, and Shaw offering several months for free.  I think I’ll wait until Rogers has portable internet available here before I pay full price for something.

/end rant.  HA!

Competition… ooooh bad word… we like to make things easy on the residents, so there’s only one of everything, leaves more time for sun tanning… :smiley: 

Where are you how Princess?
Have you moved out of the house you moved into when you got here?

Yeah, I’ve been told this many times. I’m up on Jamaica Avenue and the Ping times to citywest are alright, it’s just the speed of our connection with Citywest is just embarrassing, when I first started using the “Premium” package, I was able to download at about 700 Kilobytes Per Second (5.4 Megabits) , and upload at a maximum of 47 Kilobytes Per Second (0.3 Megabits).

However, there was a major flaw present.

Every night (I do mean EVERY Night) Our connection was lost with Citywest from 8 PM to about 12 PM the next day. After about a Week (I was convinced that the problem would just go away…) I had to return the modem, Regardless. I installed the new modem, and Bam; A New Problem Emerged.

The Modem could not keep up with “the speed” that I was getting from Citywest. So it was required that I was brought from Premium speeds to “Standard ADSL Speeds 1.5”

Now I download at a maximum of 312 Kilobytes Per Second (2.5 Megabits) and the 312 Kilobytes isn’t even constant. it’s rather the burst. it starts at 312 then slowly works it’s way down . . . I upload at a maximum of 47 Kilobytes still.

I hope that Citywest could actually fix this problem instead of just capping me. There has to be other people that are as far away from Citywest as I am and are using Premium at full speeds just fine . . . which is why I’m really mad at them.

Try a Thomson DSL modem if you can find one. I use those for extreme-edge customers, the others do exactly what you describe: cut in and out.
The ones I get need to be set up for BC v0.33, bridge mode.

The Citywest bundles work this way:

  • Long Distance
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Cellular
  • Cable TV
    If you subscribe to 3 of those, you get $10/month off. If you subscribe 4 of them you get $15/month off.  So if you have cable,internet, and Long Distance, you’d save $10/month.

Where are you located in town? Some places are far away from Citywest’s equipment, and therefore have bad ADSL performance. The farther away you are, the worse the signal.

Cable is a much better option right now, they have a much higher bandwidth both to Citywest and within Citywest. And cable doesn’t depend on the distance to the equipment.

What are the 3 ADSL prices, and what are the 2 cable internet prices?

As for sharing your neighbour’s ADSL connection, you’d better check that he haasn’t signed an agreement forbidding this. It would be like pirating cable, or pirating satellite, I’m guessing.

Does Citywest make people sign internet agreements? I know I didn’t sign one when I got my ADSL a long time ago.

Also if you sign up for at least 3 of those services, you get 300 minutes of long distance a month free.

Bubbasteve-I’m in my new house now.

I’ve now signed up with Citywest for ADSL.  It’s overpriced, but oh well.  I have to say that the tech people are really nice, patient, and seem knowledgeable overall.  I sure hope that I won’t have to complain anymore about them!