Citywest Cellphone Problems

I am probably one of the few still using citywest cellphones, but… Anyone else having problems connecting to a landline?  I have tried calling landlines and receive a message stating that “We’re sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed please recheck your number and try your call again or contact the operator to help you.”  I can use a land line to call another land line, but I cannot use a cellphone to contact a land line.  I have tried this on three other cellphones with the same results.  I have contacted afterhours but they did not know about the problem.  This has been happening since about 2:00 pm today.

Yes … I had tried to call a land line from my cell for a lady that got injured … would not work.  I ended up calling 911 … I am getting rather tired of this crappy service.

I had three calls dropped this afternoon… :neutral_face:

I’ve been very happy with my cheap Rogers cell that I picked up in June (my CityWest contract expired).  No dropped calls.  The only downside that I’ve noticed is that the signal strength can sometimes be a bit low in the Pineridge area.  Everywhere else the signal is strong.
I think I made a good choice.

I am happy too with my 7 -11 Speakout Pay-as-you-go.  I bought it last year when they had a promo, free phone w/$100 airtime purchase.  My remaining airtime would have expired by the end of this month, but I just bought another airtime voucher so all the airtime carries over for another 365 days.  I didn’t like the free phone so I bought a nice unlocked quad band phone, switched the simcard over to it and I will be able to use it in Germany and France when I go there this Christmas. I already bought a simcard for Europe.  Cost me 9.90 Euros (about $15) and comes with 10 Euros of of bonus airtime.  Wouldn’t be able to do this with Citywest or Rogers, their phones are locked.
BTW the current 7-11 Speakout promo is buy $100 airtime, get the phone half price.

does Rogers cell work between Rupert and Terrace ?

No, they’d need a tower on every mountaintop.

My boss has an android phone with Rodgers and he got an email I sent him halfway between terrace and Rupert

Might be some weird atmospheric condition thing, because the tower is on Mount Hays, right?  You’d need line of sight to that tower, or one of the towers in Terrace.  Maybe a few seconds of connectivity might allow an e-mail or text message to go through, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The furthest I can get service is at Diana Lake or somewhere around there.

I have had service just pass Tyee in the narrows just before the bridge

RE the 7-11 promo phone  any idea how much the phone is?

Here is the website, click on the “Why pay full price?” icon on the right or click on the ‘Phones’ link on the top to find out the prices of the phones.  They are descent phones.

I have a citywest phone and there are two places I’ve found that have service out on the highway:

  1. The span of highway just past Diana Lake turn off that extends just past the Prudhomme camp ground.

  2. Just past the Tyee over pass on the Terrace side.

I’ve had hits there on multiple occasions.

I got the 2760 the flip phone
I bought a $100.00 of airtime
total with taxes $160 and change

Good ole SHITTY WEST up their old tricks again…we are paying for such a great service.