Citywest Cable Questions

Hey, does anybody know if the new digital cable from Citywest will work with off-the-shelf decoders?

ie:  will it work with a TiVo3 or other HD receiver?  If I’m going to spend a lot of money on a receiver, I may as well just get another TiVo or build my own linux-based PVR.

I would be intrested in building a PVR and would consider moving away from *choice if this was an option but I think it would depend on there encyption and what is needed for it to legally make it work.

legally make it work? ill tell you how to do that, you pay the bill. personally i would think if they dont want you to decrypt their signal, they should stop dropping it on your property.

Poop! Totally out of spirit. If they don’t want us decrypting their signal, stop coding it.

What I was trying to say is a Linux PVR using Myth TV or simular would be a nice option then spending money on a digital reviever such as a tivo that always seems to screw up (expieranced with *choice  pvr they always freeze up). Maybe someone can explain how you would capture the digital signal through a capture card with out a reciever legally (paying your bill). I don’t need to know how to do it illegally for there are other forms for that.

I’ve had a TiVo for about 6 years.  Hasn’t frozen or crashed once.

But it’s not a HD TiVo.  Anyway, somebody wrote me a private message explaining that the PVR that CityWest is selling has some nice options, but he wasn’t sure if they were all active (like USB, ethernet, firewire, etc).

Your lucky, mine is a HD
see here for a list of problems:

I have two in the house one is MCE2005 and the other and I realy like so i put in 3 tv turner cards one is HDTV but can view and record normal cable is Beyond Tv…

I too like Mig was woundering about the digital cable as On ebay there are lots of Motorola Digital PVR machines for less then citywest is offering. I do not see why it would be different. spend 45 to 95 dollers on ebay is better then buying a 600.00 machine from citywest. even if it didnt work o well relist it back.hmmmmm

Thanks I will have to checkout Beyond TV

This is another draw back to spend $575 on the HD Pvr is a bit tough when I have money invested in a *choice reciever. However after looking at … 400/  the back panel looks intresting if any of its options are enabled.

The next draw back for me is citywest’s HD line up is a bit lacking compared to * choice or bev. I hope they have the room to expand.

i have a bell 5800 pvr, never been used. i would let it go for $200.00