So,how many of you have sent pictures from your cellphone to your computer,or some else?Unless you have web browsing@ $7 per month,there is a charge of 50 cents per picture PLUS a web browsing fee which brings the cost of one pic to $5.00…and they say they have NO control over the web charge,now this IS a ripoff!!!

After all the abuse, the downtime, the dropped calls, the lack of new phones, if you’re still with Citywest, what message do you think you are sending them?

If I were Citywest, and looked at customers that still had cell service with us, I’d think that they would stick with us no matter what we charged, or how shitty our service. Anybody who could has already left Citywest cell service, haven’t they?

Whoever is left will pay whatever Citywest wants, for whatever crappy service they give you. Period.

If you’re still with Citywest, you’re just reinforcing this view.

Saltybear, why don’t you just switch to Rogers, Bell, or Telus? Ask yourself that, then you’ll know why Citywest does what it does.

Even Rogers Pay As You Go services can beat Citywest’s Contract stuff.

Socialite 20 is what I was using and I was able to upload pictures, clips and various other items to websites within the $20 plan that I was using every month…

Really Citywest, Really.