Citytel internet speed

Is it just me, or is the internet really really really sloooooooow today!!!  I started noticing a slow down last night, but now it’s becoming more frustrating.

Hi Dave just trying to post I have dropped my conection about 7 times. I’m sure part of the reason is that there working on the lines for the new digital cable system in our area or mig’s area…

Nope, they did the digital cable thing on my street months ago.

Yes, it has been really slow and the connection intermittent since yesterday. If this keeps up, we may all have to get lives.

Do you guys mean the connection to HTMF, or the connection to the rest of the internet?

hee hee hee!

You suck!

MiG, I mean connection to pretty much everything.

It is indeed super slow for me this morning… weird.

Holy Alexander Graham Bell, that’s been painful

I guess since it’s raining that the string between to two tin cans must have got too wet or something.

Sure wouldn’t want to be relying on this system if i was an e trader on the stock market, by the time you hit sell your stock would be bankrupt…

I guess it’s too much for the folks providing this stellar service to put an update on the website advising us why it’s going so sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwww.

Maybe when we get text messaging they can send us text messages about these little hiccups.

I’ll hit Post now, come back in a couple of days and see if my message made it through the ether…

I called the guys at CityWest and they said people that are on the Cisco gear are having problems connecting, the equipment is showing “false positives” meaning it looks like we’re connected when we really aren’t hence the intermittent stuff.  This really blows. :imp:
I was in the middle of doing a network install today:(

Yea. I called, too. No ETA (From ‘Dave’, who I spoke to.), either. Ah well. I should be used to my internet being so dodgy. :smile:

Pretty good for me.

Mostly intermittent. It took 3 attempts to even do the test. Ugh.

At work I had to unplug and replug our modems to reset them multiple times this morning and early afternoon.  Most of the day we were stuck on a dialup connection but at least it worked, and only a few people had to come back later on with cash.  I hate to inconvienience people because of crap like that.

There will possibly be some complete internet service blackouts tonight on the east side of town too.

It should be better today.  Dave from CityWest phoned me last night and informed me that they replaced a router that was malfunctioning.  Things seem faster now:-)

Dave phoned you back. There’s part of the reason for my rants in the other thread. You have a Dave who fixed (or tried his best to) the problem. Like a me who worked from 9 am to 1 am to fix an e-mail problem. Neither of us got a thank you or even expected one.
But both of us get righteously pissed at the ingrates who tell us some kid in BanglaDesh telling us our lines test just fine, there is no logging truck wrapped around the pole in the front yard, it must be your equipment causing the problem is fucking better service.