City West Money Grab

Does anyone know what the story is with the set top box is to access city west programming as of April 30th for 25 dollars per TV , is this just another money grab from city west ?

Holy, With so many CityWest haters on here, I’m surprised that I’m the first to reply!

They probably looked into giving away the basic digital boxes, but I’m sure every subscriber in town would want 6 or 8 because they sell for anywhere from $25 to $50 online.

I’m guessing that they are currently using 2 parallel systems. One for digital and one for
analog. The analog system must be getting old now and I’m sure they don’t want to put any money in it.

I’ve heard that some of the techs wanted to switch over to all digital years ago as there is lots of benefits. 1, quality is a lot better, 2, digital uses less bandwidth on the coax ( I believe), so that would leave more room for upgraded internet services in town, more digital channels etc. 3, disconnects, reconnects, package changes are done with the flick of a switch instead of sending a tech out. 4, people with digital will see the guide for all the other channels and potentially upgrade their service package, including the on demand content.

Frankly, the quality is so much clearer with digital, that the $25 is well spent. When you consider that a dvd used to cost $25 (have no idea what they cost now), I think it’s a small price to pay. I certainly wouldn’t go back to analog and am pretty disappointed when I go and stay in a hotel somewhere and they are still analog.