CITY WEST internet connection problems..........again

anyone else having internet connection problems?  seems my connections is off and on since last night, had the same problem last Saturday as well. ARRRGGhhh!

Thurs night I could only get on for seconds and got dissconnected,

had problems last night for awhile then everything was good

FKN shittywest up to there ole tricks again…nothing but poor service for internet and cell phones…they keep saying they are working on it but that is what they say all the time.
getr it right already

Um have you guys called Citywest and asked?  I haven’t had any problems for a long time.

And when I do have problems, I just call them. 

If you can even get a hold of anyone at Citywest.  Nearly everytime I have called I get a stupid computer and have to leave a message…and they might get back to me the next day, regardless of the time I call. :unamused:

I called and left a message at 8:10 this morning and got a claa back by 9:30 and they were at my door by 1 fixing my problem with my internet

bad cable to the house