City West Dividend

Does anyone else think it’s funny that Mayor Brain is treating the 400000 dollars from city west as a photo opportunity , like its a big deal that Citywest is giving The City money that it’s supposed too ?

No, I don’t. Yes they are supposed to, but it kinda is a big deal considering they gave the City nothing last year.
I’m excited.

Remember when it was supposed to be a million or more?

If, instead of buying a cable company, the city had just put the money in the bank, it would probably be much further ahead.

citywest version 3.0 give a little money to the city make it look like they are doing the city a favour, put fibre optic internet in smithers and not your home town , yes they are a good city owned corporation

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Oh well …I guess if I look at it this way …they do provide this city with good local jobs …

That’s for sure.

But on the other hand, there are a lot of businesses that provide good local jobs, and aren’t owned by the taxpayers of a broke town.

And should the taxpayers of Prince Rupert really be the ones to provide good local jobs in Terrace, Kitimat, Hazleton, etc?

Why should Mayor Brain be criticized for that when this has been the standard practice for CityWest payments up to present date.

It is a big deal that CityWest is paying the city what it owes…it could be a hell of a lot worse…we could be getting no payments (like some previous years) and CityWest could be going under and we get nothing.

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