City wants to lease voting machines?

I dunno, of all our current problems, having to count the ballots until midnight, once every three years should probably be a little low on the priority list.

Yet, on the front page of today’s Daily News is a story about how the city wants to move on from the paper ballot with that ages old X and move on to the new era of voting machines, at an increased cost of course.

Just in time for our most recent tax increase this is the best that they have to offer us?

Sadly only councillors Thorkelson and Kinney voted against the plan, not sure why the remainder of councils (minus Ms Bedard who was absent) think that voting machines are such a necessity at this time of the city’s financial state.

Title should read: City wants to import American politics.

“You know, comrades that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”


Agreed.  We do not need voting machines here in our riding.  I like our current method of counting ballots.  This works well in my opinion.

The population here is only 12 or so thousand. How on earth can you justify the expenses of leasing and maintaining these machine which will only count a few thousand votes? Kinda rings the alarm bells doesn’t it. You would think when dealing with an important area of the democratic process, there would be better public consultation. There have been serious issues with these machines in the past south of our border and we are talking about Democracy.

Edited to correct buying to leasing

Yes.  They are not completely secure and can be hacked.  I hope that we stay with the personal touch.  Paper ballots for the North Coast please.

I’m just amazed at the priorities that they seem to have put in place at City Hall these days, there’s the outdoor gym equipment in a town that’s in a rain forest (man of those months a monsoon season), voting machines for an event that takes place but once every three years… free rec centre priviliges for city employees, on and on it goes…

reaility needs to knock on the door down there at third avenue, there’s a lot of things that need to be taken care of here (try walking down the streets and count the empty buildings and such)

Wasting money on voting machines in our financial situation (and with our dwindling population) just seems goofy to me.

$600 Asus EEE touchscreens.
Of course the priority voting software is $3,999,999.00

Is it time to bring the pitchforks and flaming torches to City Hall? I think so.

I’m ashamed I voted for some of this lot. :cry:

I say bring them in, …  Get rid of council,  hire some persons to run and post the results.  We can all just vote on the issues with the machines. 

4chan’s /b/  :imp:

Whose idea was it to put stairs going up to the Prince Rupert thing across from the civic? How much did that or will that cost us? What the hell is it for? I am also very ashamed to have voted for some of them. I am hearing that Jacko has them under such a trance. Yes , yes , yes , yes , absent , yes. So we voted for them and now they are unable to think for themselves. I am sure someone has balls there.

Didn’t you know Justin?  It’s a stairway to Heaven…Cuz’ kids go up there behind the sign in the bushes to get high…I used to walk my dog up there and I would see them in there, high school kids but this was a few years back…I doubt much has changed though…  This town is a joke and not a funny one at that.  :unamused:

wasnt there something a while back about there being a sign put up there saying current events  and such at the pac and the civic?

and isnt there a way to get a mayor out b4 his term is up? never see jack around town or doing photo ops . where was he during seafest? to me he seems to be an absentee mayor but all of you here seem to still complain about herbs tenure at this point i would rather have herb in as mayor still . at least he cared about the town compared to jacko.

like playing a game of wheres waldo finding out where jack is whats he done lately

“Waldo” was at Breakers two Saturdays ago.  Spotted him as my fella and I were enjoying a cup of java at Cows’.  I almost choked when we spotted him crossing the street, didn’t recognize him.  :unamused:

Sign was supposed to go between PAC and Civic Centre in where the trees are at the crest of the hill down to the Pool … 3873596417

2009/06/24 08:25

Jacko Rabbit spotted in a meeting/tour of the gas station formally known as Race Track. He was meeting with the Manager/Owner at the time. Lost contact soon after.

End Report.

Rather than talking about whether latest voting machine technology has addressed the issue of ‘hanging chads’ and the need for judicial intervention to decide to close to call elections, it would have been interesting to know the results of the council’s meeting with the dismissed health advisory committee, to discuss problems and concerns, as per councillor Ashley’s motion at the last meeting, Jacko casting the only vote opposed. 

Ask the Rotary club…