City to launch "elevated flushing program" for Westview

The BOIL WATER ADVISORY continues for the Westview neighbourhood, with the City planning a program of Elevated flushing in the area starting on Thursday… … shing.html

Elevated Flushing System:

Well , we now see where our city heads care for its citizens , they knew of this problem two weeks ago . I see some new election signs that are out and I would like to hear what that gentleman has to say pertaining to this situation and how it has been dealt with .

The city engineering/works department is to blame for this mess in section 2…whatever the case…clearly some serious questions need to be asked of the management team running these departments…projects take far too long to complete (look at 17th street, 9th Ave East sewer, Hays Cove sidewalk, 6th Ave bridge).

Lack of proper management of the city’s department is quite common, something the mayoral candidates should address. The civic center needs to be looked at for sure, the pool closed for this length of time is while necessary it far longer than expected…

Totally agree…there is no accountability at all…you fuck up? oh, no worries…here is a promotion.

The 17st project. Not just New Sidewalks and Pavement, but massive Concrete Walls, and fancy railings.
It would seem this project has become some engineers personal "work of art."
A massive curved concrete wall spans from Graham Ave twisting its way up to Atlin Ave.
It seems to reach 20ft tall in some sections. This wall replaced the rock wall, that was
built by the City’s Italian rock workers. Its a huge project, and was it necessary to be
this complex and time consuming. I’ve seen several private contractors working there.
Was this necessary at a time when or city roads are worthy of 4 wheel drives, not cars.
It seems strange that these larger projects are taken on by the city works when it
when it would have been completed quicker by private companies that have done
jobs like this before and maybe for less the cost.
I think our works department needs to be reviewed and something has to be done.
At least up keep of our civic roadways. Prioritise, someone must have some idea?