City seeking feedback on digital Annual Report presentation

The City of Prince Rupert is asking for eight minutes of your time to view a slide presentation on its website that discusses the City’s 2010 Annual Report. … 10398.html

The city has a website?

It’s 2011. There’s no excuse for publishing something that’s supposed to be open and transparent (and Google-indexed) in Flash.

8 minutes of my time? Took less than 8 seconds of my time. I can’t even view it without installing Flash?

Here’s what the report looks like on my computer:

Anyway, very laudable effort, and I’m glad that the City is putting more stuff online. The intent is a good one, but the execution is poor.

Here’s a direct link to the report:

The Flash issue is present all over the Prince Rupert site, by the way, not just this page. I think they intended the site to be more of a touristy attraction than as a useful place for information.

Using the print metaphor, they’ve designed the City website as a tourist brochure, when it should have been designed as a newspaper or archive. Now they may just be stuck with it.

Here’s a comparison of the Prince Rupert and Terrace websites. Terrace has RSS feeds, no Flash, and is easily Google-able (is that a word) ?

Direct link to the PDF version of the full report: … 202010.pdf

And here’s the slideshow in image format (click to see larger versions)

I think it’s a great idea for the City to put out a ‘summary’ of the full report like this, BTW. Just don’t use Flash.

And finally, here’s the youtube version (and no, you don’t need Flash to view it if you’re using a modern browser):

See here: for instructions on how to use YouTube without Flash.

I read the Northern View article and tried to send feedback to Mr. Rodin. But he’s gone on vacation for the rest of August.

Well played, sir.

I was kinda taken back seeing this post in regards to the city and its reports, then I thought to myself , " I said Myself where is this coming from and why ? then it hit me , there are elections coming up in November and why not make a showing .

Am I doing this right?

Ah everyone needs a vacation. I’m sure he’ll read your e-mail when he gets back.