City of Prince Rupert accused of dumping human waste

Perhaps we should not be so quick to throw stones?

where do you think our sewage goes? straight into the harbour so yes we are dumping waste, and feeding the crabs at the same time.

What are you talking about?


What are you talking about?[/quote]

I think they are talking about the coal story.

Not sure what you mean got any more info on dumping waste?

Sorry I was so oblique…

I was referring to the fact that with the exception of sewage that goes to a small treatment plant in the industrial park, in Prince Rupert, when you flush the toilet, it goes straight into the harbour.

The point I was trying to make was perhaps we should not be so quick to criticize RTI and their handling of the issue of coal falling into the ocean by the dock, given what we do as a community (and no I do not work at RTI).

In fairness to Mr. Hamilton, it is possible he simpy does not know about the City’s sewage treatment process (or lack thereof). Having said that, it should be noted that Victoria also pumps most, if not all, of their sewage into what is now being called the Salish Sea.

Are coal and poop the same? I don’t understand the comparison.

Answer-----Crabs and Shrimp don’t eat coal.