City News Newsletter

I don’t often read the City council newsletter but I leafed through it at dinner today. Did anyone else read the “Message from the Mayor”? Interesting note about the high-end condos proposed for the end of Graham Ave and what does the sign on the highway say about a major retail development on the BC Hydro lands? I suppose anything could happen to our little town…only time will tell. I did however see a sold sign on a house whose owner was asking for around $296,000 (way too much, I think) and a new listing for a house that is nearly double that! Interesting.

Gigabyte wrote: I actually took the coffee mugs off my delivered copy of the “City News” photocopy extraordinaire, and was quite surprised to see a few rumors actually commented on and brought to the forefront:

[quote]… set up an exciting tax structure to encourage Sun Wave to invest hundreds of millions in restarting the pulp mill.

edit: deleted your topic as it repeats mine. Mine came first :smile:[/quote]