City Expenditure

Our city council must be a rich one.
If the nature of work force that the city maintains is indication, it is true that the city hall is rich with cash.

  • I have seen two workers at times tending to flowers on the third ave. Watering the plants on the poles I mean. Our city must be in a dry zone like Arizona or some place where the city workers have to water the plants on a daily basis.
  • I have seen two workers (last friday) working on the fountain next to the city hall. They had a 2-1/2 inch hose out and it appeared they were washing the fountain and perhaps doing some other work.
  • I have seen two workers cutting grass (weeds) on the sidewalk, not more than ten feet away from each other.

The city hall must be overflowing with cash !!

If that is the extent of your proof that the city is rich with cash, I would suggest that proof is rather thin.

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Somebody has never heard of Pyongyang, North Korea. Because this is what Rupert is kind of like at this point.

So just because they can do a wonderful job in public landscaping (like they have almost every year), doesn’t mean City Hall is flush with cash.

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“proof” why would I want to prove anything ! I am not looking to become a councillor or anything similar. That was just an observation by a citizen of the community.

Well least slow down on the tedious, constant work done on the flowers near the wrought-iron fence by the Courthouse? Every couple days there’s 1-2-3 people tending to the flowers there. I mean, that landscaping lady they have must be paid a decent penny. Yeah, and watering plants in Rupert that are not under some type of cover = waste of our tax dollars. Don’t appreciate it.

Also in this town, I think City Hall should be providing residents who take the initiative a usage right to unused city property never used as laneways or otherwise until development is slated for those areas. Many residents in Rupert don’t bother to tidy city property because when they do, and people abuse it, the city does nothing about it. It costs a Rupert resident at a bare minimum a long drawn out process and at least $1000 in advertising to “have a definitive say” in the city property located even next door to their property. Way to paralyze people City Hall - it’s no wonder there are so many dirty, un-tended areas in our town.

:laughs hysterically: I type seriously but really, I’m laughing at the lunacy of the matter(s). :smiley:

I guess I see it differently. There are areas not receiving any care, but if you call the City Works Yard they will put it on the list. As for the watering, the person making the comments obviously isn’t a gardener and has never been involved in the planter project, done all by volunteers. The watering is essential, regardless of the rain. I think our City is doing the best it can with the limited resources. If there are two people working in the same place, only one truck is required, versus two if they were working in separate locations. Just saying…