City Deficit

Can somebody help me out here?

According to the Northern View article the city is preparing for a $900,000 deficit.  At the same time they are paying out approximately $100,000 a month for maintenance out at Watson Island or 1.2 million a year.  In other words the deficit.

Is the land out there worth something?  Are we going to be getting something back in the long run. 

The museum, the library, and the Lester Centre and perhaps more community groups may be losing a good portion of their city grants because of next year’s shortfall.

Hate to think we gained a piece of property only to hurt three pretty important pieces of other property.

I visited the library on Saturday to sign out more books. (yes I read every so often…) One of the Librarians practically begged me to fill out a form and send it to City Hall, regarding the deficit we’ll be facing shortly.

She told me “I don’t want the library to close, neither do you, do you sir?”

Obviously not… I did just sign out 13 books.

Library’s are a thing of the past now, Last time I was there was over 10 years ago.  In fact I don’t know anyone that even goes there anymore.

AndrewMorgan444 to name one at least  :unamused:  Many people still go to the library especially to access their internet services and we go to sign out old movies and TV series like Fawlty Towers.  There will never NOT be a reason for the library. Maybe you should read more often      :smiley:

“Billy, you are the library full of idiotic online quotations.”
     ~ from the Quotations of the Prince Rupert PLA Military Governor, October 2011

Very rare copy maybe available in the library of your choice.

Sadly we can tell that you haven’t been to a library in over ten years.

You don’t say… :neutral_face:


Billy, I have gone and still go there, I rent books, read papers and rent DVDs and videos, sometimes music

The thing I love about the library is that it is free!  You can take out all kinds of media for the slam-dunk price of zero dollars.  You’re missing out, Billy! 

And as a plus Billy, you don’t have to scream about having your internet cut every often due to the fact you don’t pay compensation to CityWest.

The library is there for you kiddo.

Internet has every thing the library does and more. 

The form that AndrewMorgan444 mentions is set up so that citizens can comment on what the library means to them. This will be in support of a presentation by the library to the mayor and council (tentatively) at 8 pm on Dec 10.

In view of the current civic leadership’s well known commitment to open government, I am sure that more general remarks about how the City should manage “Community Enhancement Grants” ($1,658,450 in 2009) would also be welcome. I suggest that while an across the board 25% cut has simplistic appeal, the elected leaders might be encouraged take a more thoughtful approach to City priorities.

What various organizations received in 2009 and are requesting for 2010 is shown on pages 13-14: … Agenda.pdf

Many patrons go to the library specifically to access the internet.

yea i guess the library doesnt have porn and the virus you get online isnt h1n1. and you could be talking to someone who really isn’t who they say they.

4chan is the official library on the internet.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is the official encyclopedia on the internet.

Oh and Rick Astley is your internet librarian. Ask him, he’s professional.

And go to /b/, it has all the very interesting stuff even the library don’t have.

SOrry but as much as I like my computer and the internet there is nothing like curling up with a good book. I would much rather this type of issue go to a referendum * sorry for the spelling its late* Given the current state of affairs at Shitty Hall, and all the repeated vandalism in the down town core, I for one think that we need to hold the elected accountable to us the taxpayers. Just my two cents worth.

Did you get picked on in high school?

Irrelevant point, billy.  That is called an ad hominem argument, a logical fallacy.  That is, you are attacking the person instead of their argument.  There are a variety of topics like this in the Library.

Ad hominem argument

I bet you did.

Maybe we as citizens should put together a list of thing which are falling down or apart in this community and give the list to these so called city council members as a Christmas wish list. This place will have a real real big port and it will have a real real big list of empty houses and empty store and restaurant. Will someone remember to shut off the lights when its all over.