City approves zoning for 11-storey Condo development

Looks like the city has approved rezoning to allow for this 11-storey condo development to be built on Bill Murray Drive.

The vote was 6-1 to approve, with Joy Thorkelson voting against the multi-million dollar development.

Guess Joy is not a fan of multi-million dollar housing projects, increased city revenue, contracting jobs, or downtown revitalization. This project alone will provide some very real economic stimulus to local businesses in the downtown core…the same business community that her union is seeking assistance from in preventing the shutdown of the Canfisco cannery.

I would like to hear what the people living in the apartment complex across the street have to say when they loose their beautiful ocean view.

I’m sure they won’t like it, but should anyone give a damn? This city has a long history of looking after “local interests” so frankly I am thrilled when anyone wants to build here. We need to send a message that we’re open for business.


This development is for the betterment of the entire city…no way should 20-30 people who live on that side of Habour Side Apartments get to dictate what is built on the lot across from them. People on that side will still have a view of the ocean anyways from their balconies.

To turn down an investment like this, that would provide millions of economic benefit because 20-30 people will lose one of their two ocean views is ridiculous.

Council made the right decision.

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Considering they still have ocean views from their balconies, I don’t see how this should matter. Furthermore, the lot in question already has trees that are obstructing some of the views of the Harbour Side on that side…Harbour Side has no control over those trees as they are on private property…they should have no control over the building height either.

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Is this the building going on Leelo island?

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