CHSS Mail Q's

My original account,, that’s been around since the birth of the server, has become a haven for junkmail. My alternate e-mail which I have on CHSS is what I use for important stuff.

Could you drop the space limit on geoff@chss to 500k or a 1MB or something? I’d rather have that account permanently full to bounce junk, only freeing up space when I expect some e-mail confirm after signing up for something junk-worthy. Unfortunately, it’s hard grained into a few important things I use, so I can’t drop it.

I was gonna PM you, but I figured it’s kinda an interesting discussion (n3rd!!@!)… but how’s the CHSS server doing with junkmail these days? I can only imagine the amount of traffic some of the accounts get with junk, all being uploaded to the server.

Also… is there SSL HTTP access to the webmail? And FTP/WebDAV/similar to the personal webspace?

I’m getting this too at One time, I checked my email and I had nearly 400 spam messages, and the last time I checked it was a couple weeks before.

I remember that there are commands you can use in the filters page, but I don’t remember the commands per se. There are just too many anonymously named spam accounts sending me links to porn, bogus penile enhancement promotions, $1,000,000 virus giveaways, and etc. to make just one filter parameter.

The Spam thing is pretty difficult to deal with… especially if e-mail is directly addressed to you.  It means that your e-mail address is on a bunch of spammer’s lists, and is being passed around.  Posting your address on the web isn’t such a good idea either.

If you need some stuff done officially, just e-mail me directly please – I try not to mix HTMF with work :wink:

Oh, I’ve been using for spam-fighting on my personal address.  I haven’t received a single spam message since I’ve started using it.

Cool! :sunglasses: 
I use my gmail account when I want to give an address to someone “out there.”  Would boxbe work with gmail or is that only for regular pop accounts?  I get a tonne of spam in my gmail account.

Yeah, I get lots of spam on gmail too.

Yup, I use it on gmail exclusively (all my personal addresses, including citytel, forward to my gmail account).

To see what it does, send a test e-mail to miguelb at the gmail dot com.

Okay.  I’ll send something to your gmail account-)

That is very cool, MiG!!! :sunglasses:

If you are interested in using Boxbe with Gmail, I posted a How-To on our blog - … with-gmail

Randy Stewart

I added a spam filter & tosser on the mail. I get people griping they still get too much spam and it knocks out 90%. I checked the logs for mine, and a couple others who have had the same address since 1998 and saw it removing over 3,000 spams a month on the ones I checked. That means 10 a day are slipping through.
My admin account had over 50MB of spam in the .spam box Jan 1- Apr 2 when I checked.

I added maildrop so after amavis is done, if it’s tagged ***SPAM maildrop will deliver it to another folder or to /dev/null