CHSS automotive project

If you have gone to CHSS in the last 6-10 years and have been in a metal class you probably would of noticed a purple bug in there. Well after all these years something was finally done to it.

What was done:
-The body was removed to show all the moving parts and how things work on a car.
-reinfoced the frame
-custom made shock mounts and exhaust
-there are lots of other things that were fixed.

here is a video of it:

Kyle man that car is epic beyond all things

Yes i remember this bug to. It’s life has just begun now eh :smile:

yes this is the begining of life for it, and it is epic. Its awsome to see it move after all these years. so heres some photos I took on the last day of the school year.

Get Krieger to find you guys a 6-71 blower

to what blow up the motor? I think they want to have it run for a bit longer than that. but it would go pretty good while it would last those.

Haha, bit of overkill, yeah…

You can shave the head with CHSS’s new milling machine… high compression bug motor would be pretty sweet

yes it would be nice to get a few extra hp outta the bug motor. But someone else will have to do the milling as i wont be there next year (graduated)

Man i remember striping numerous bugs, and filling that one full of junk or (spare parts) then nothing getting done with it, lol well ok honestly i did like 5 min of work and watched or went to the caffiteria to get a muffin lol. but good to see that pos outta there