Christmas Decorating contest

Has anyone heard if civic pride did their Christmas decorating contest this year? Usually it is in the paper and there were alot of great houses this year.

Ya, I thought there was alot more homes decorated this year also. It was nice to go for a drive by ( heh heh) and vote on our favourite, which was:
The house on Pillsbury Ave, it was right out of Chevy Chase’s Christmas movie( sorry forgot the damn title) The lights started out normal, then a few more came on then the whole house lite up and the lights flashed on and off…so funny, the whole block lite up…hahahahaha
Anyway, I have’nt heard about a contest this year flyman…

Yup I know the one, the lights flashed to the music. I had to drive by a second time after I heard there was music. Totaly missed it the first time. I think you are right though there seemed to be alot more houses decorated this year. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, a classic for sure.