Christmas Card leaves bad taste

We have started receiving the annual Christmas mail which generally I love to open and read but we recently received one that upset me. I wonder who made the decision to send out leftover Christmas Cards from the District of Port Edward featuring the previous council; including beloved former Mayor Ed Wampler? :confused: I can understand fiscal responsibility and trying to save some money but this seems to be in extremely poor taste to me! This seemed to be a sign of disrespect to the new council that was being sworn in less than a week after the cards were mailed and an even bigger sign of disrespect to the beloved Ed Wampler (who passed away in September) and his family. I can only hope that the current council will make an attempt to remedy this mistake. :frowning:

Christmas Card leaves bad taste…
lol I don’t think the cards were meant to be eaten so
I would expect they might not taste great.

Bad taste…?

Times Are Tough
Times Are Hard
Here’s Your Fucking
Christmas Card!