Chipotle mayo or chipotle sauce

Anywhere in Rupert I can buy this? Chipotle mayo or chipotle sauce for dipping?

you changing your name to cooking with chipotle?

nah, I just love the taste of chipotle.

I think you are better to buy the chipotle peppers in a can and then chop them or put them in a blender. Finally mix them in whatever base sauce you want. Can get much more controlled heat in that way! Just my thought.

Subway or Panago

That’s a great idea with those peppers. Thanks.

I know subway used to sell their southwest chipotle sauce, or whatever it’s called. Don’t know if they still do. It’s pretty good.

Sweet…I’ll give em a shout Bubbasteve. Thanks for the suggestion.

Use the chipotles in the can, chop them up and mix with mayo, not miracle whip, it takes 2 minutes to make.

chipotle tabasco + mayo = awesome