"China has our forests, now we're sending our oilfields too"

Here is a link to an article by Terry Glavin that appeared in the Jan. 17th edition of the National Post. It certainly contains enough disturbing statements that ALL Canadians should carefully consider soon.

fullcomment.nationalpost.com/201 … ields-too/

Canada imports oil while battling over pipeline exports

[quote]Canada exports about two-thirds of its oil to the United States— while half of the oil used in Canada is imported from other countries.

[quote]Ontario’s oil comes from Western Canada, but it is sent first to the United States to be refined before being delivered to the province.

No shit, eh?

^Quoted for truth. This is coming to the forefront of my Canadian’s minds I think. I’ve heard it a few times in the last few months. Canadian oil supply should be refined to some degree, here in Canada. And sold to Canada. And it should be regulated to do so.

As Iceland’s leaders noted following the collapse of their economy: “De-regulating industry did the opposite of what we thought it would do. Allowing complete free-market to corporations actually destabilized the foundations of our democracy, economy and governmental mechanisms.”

Due to the fact that lack of regulation allowed companies to not only skip out on certain taxes, find loopholes in imports/exports and began dictating cost to the government which was then at the mercy of the free markets to survive (tax revenue and internal country spending by corporations)."

Large industry needs to be regulated. If we lose some industry because of regulation, you didn’t want them anyway. They were going to reap the rewards of not paying their taxes, not inputted a proportionate amount of labor and revenue to it’s workers which on a large scale, would help erode our socialist / capitalist failsafes even further.