Chicks with ponytails

Ok, who has a ponytail?

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I have a ponytail right now.

Oh Man… my Dad has this totally awesome skullet that he ties into a ponytail.  Chixtotallydigit!

me to

I sort of do.

I don’t like them on guys, unless they’ve got some facial hair to balance it out.

Wtf is a skullet?

Anywhere close to a mullet?

If so, yuck.

I have a sloppy bun/pony tail thingy going on.

It’s a Mullet on a guy who has a bald head on top.  So, you can see his skull.

Ewwwww!! Give me totally bald over that any day!

Oh come on!  It’s hot.  And he’s over 300lbs too… sexy!  He needs a woman… are you single? (joking!)

Kind of like Hulk Hogan?

Hulkamania is running WILD, Mean Jean!

Uh yeah!  and he has the mustache too!!  But he also has a 100lb gut.

OMG, even the thought of Hulk Hogan these days is enough to make me hurl…that and recent pictures of Arnie S. with no top on leaves me reeling in shame that any of us ever thought these guys were at all cool. Or hot, for that matter.


Be careful, you’ll show your age.

Wait, I’m probably the youngest here.

But age reveals another kind of beauty!

I never thought they were hot.  But when my dad was absent, I DID imagine that both of those men were my father… at different times…  Whoa, did I just write that out loud?

comic book guy is hawt

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I work in a place where the vast majority of people have kids having kids…I’m at least ten years away from that, so I don’t mind slipping once and a while!  :-D

OMG, that IS my father!!!  just make the hair gray, and add a few inches, and it’s a dead ringer!