Chicken Killer?

Did Alice Cooper really kill a chicken at one of his earlier concerts?


Hey, he didn’t do nothing your local farmers don’t do.

Mmmmm FRESH bbq’d chicken breast after a concert… good deal

Wasn’t Ozzy the one who did that? Or was his kill a pigeon? Hmm…

i think he ate the head of a dove and a bat! ( That we know of)

Alice Cooper didnt kill the chicken the crowd did. someone threw it at him and he threw it back thinking chickens could fly but of course it couldnt and the crowd tore it to bits.

Ozzy bit into what he thought was a fake dove, but it turned out to be a real one.

So in other words he’s a pretty dumb guy.

He must have been under the influence of something or the other at the time…actually he still looks like he is on something 24/7. Perma-fried.

Ozzy Osbourne never tore off chicken heads. Perhaps you are thinking about Alice Cooper; he once bit off a chicken’s head. Ozzy, however, did work in a meat-production factory, killing thousands of sheep a day. Ozzy did once get drunk and went around his house with a shotgun, killing all 20-something of his cats. He also, as you probably know, bit the head off a bat on stage and the dove.

Awww…poor kitties… :cry:

mmmm thats ozzy for you.