Chicken drum sticks in extra foods

I had purchased a big package of drumsticks in extra foods when I brought it home and opened it the smell was very bad and it didnt look right. so I took it back yesterday and told them about it. the lady I spoke to said it was still good it didnt smell bad. I told her no it didnt so now my trust in the buying meats at extra foods is gone now I know why overwaitea has a banner out side there store stating that they have the best meat in town.

That sucks that you had a problem with the meat there.  That sort of stuff happens though everywhere.  I buy a lot of meat from Extra Foods and have never had a problem.  I like their prices the best though.

That being said, we just bought a “freezer box” from a meat company out of Telkwa.  Check out the “garage sale” section and check out the ad for them.  It’s nice to buy somewhat “local”.

Chances are it was fine.  Chicken is supposed to be cooked well anyway, what’s the worst that could happen?

Salmonella is really tasty and provides joy and excitement for all family members …especially kids and the elderly…

well I tell you it didnt look right and it had a very strong odour we had just purchased chicken from safeway today and they didnt smell at all like the ones I got from extrafoods Im just tell all cause they may have just put them right back on the shelf which was not right at all

I once bought pork years ago from the Overwaitea in Rupert that when I took it home, was both greenish and stinking on the lower layers. I took it right back and talked to a butcher. He tried to tell me it was fine but when I pointed out that my father was a federal meat inspector and I damn well knew what rotting meat looked like, he shut up and gave me a refund. A few weeks later I bought (from Overwaitea) a cryo-vac piece of corned beef that reeked when I opened the store packaging…I turned it over and found out the original packing had been slit and bacteria had caused the meat to go bad. Back to the store again, this time I not only got my money back but vowed not to buy meat there again since obviously the staff were not being properly trained on handling issues,etc.

I still find myself pulling suspect fresh and pre-packed meat from store shelves and handing them to the meat department staff in most any grocery store I shop at. If I catch them reshelving it when my back is turned, I’d want to talk to their boss about this since it’s not only a bad business practice but a huge no-no with the public health inspectors…

BTW, a fair number of toxins related to bacterial contamination are not affected by cooking well, so don’t count on that to protect you if the food you are preparing seems iffy.

Last year my Mom who shops regularly at extra foods bought a turkey for Thanksgiving. It didnt smell right when whe was cooking it. It looked funny when it was served and smelt off. My kids and I skipped the turkey but my Mom got very very ill. I work within Northern Health, so I had a stool sample sent off and voila turned out it was a bad strain of samonella. I went and talked to el jerko manager he tried to bluff his way out of it. Turns out the order of turkeys defrosted in transit and he sold them when they were bad. I called the food inspection agency  and then sentdown an inspector won’t buy meat from him.

It’s been a while since I bought meat at Extra Foods.
On many occasions when I did, the meat didn’t seem fresh.
Out of the three grocery stores in Rupert, Overwaitea definitely has the best quality meats.
I hear Maverick Mart has good stuff too.

I buy meat from Overwaitea and Safeway here in PR.

I might be wrong, but I"m pretty sure Maverik gets their meat from Overweitea