Check your facebook likes, thanks to the conservatives … -1.3229622

boy they are getting desperate and sleazy


boy they are getting desperate and sleazy[/quote]

To date the cons have cheated in the last three elections, over spent on their campaigns, and deployed robo calls. Yesterday the cons dismissed their sixth candidate and we still have over a month to go in this election.
The cons have mastered sleazy.

So I followed the advice at the end of the article and checked my activity page to see what showed up.

Interestingly, in the past couple of months I have liked websites called technology, food, comics, DIY and a couple of others I have now unliked. I had been wondering why I was getting some of those suggested “click bait” recommended reads in my news feed. Before reading the article I would have assumed that my fat finger had inadvertently hit a wrong button while scrolling on my phone.

If the Conservatives (or anybody) are buying likes it is definitely sleazy. But not as sleazy as facebook for selling them.

If I see an ad on any website I might be curious in I never click it. I always google it to go direct to the source.

go to the cbc link it is not an ad you click on, facebook lets others sell your page so they can make your facebook page like something that you may not want to, in other words it makes it look like you liked them

Judging by Facebook, the Green Party is going to win a majority gov’t…