Check out these rims!


oooooh those could be fun!! Imagine driving down the highway, some loser pisses you off, you pass by them and you flip them the bird on your rims! It would be just as good as one of those LED scrolling message bars.

I couldn’t see a pair of those on my car, but that’s a pretty sweet idea!

I dunno. To me, these things say the same thing as buying an overpriced souped-up sportscar in the first place: I am very concerned about the size of my penis.

I wouldn’t buy them, but then, I wouldn’t buy spinners either. They would be pretty cool to see at night during a car cruising event though.

Fast cars are fun, thanks.


Fast cars are fun, thanks.[/quote]

I never said anything about fast cars. I like fast cars too. I also like fast bikes, probably even more so… I’m talking about the big flashy cars with about ten million modifications that, all told, cost more than most people make in a year.