Cheap used cell phone

Anyone have an old, cheap used cell phone they want to sell? My kid has rung in over two hundred in overage again  so I am pulling the plug on her and need to activate an old cheapie to shut hers down, citytel wont just shut hers off and let me keep paying the monthly ammount, if I deactive hers they say I have to reactivate another phone or pay the remainder of the contract out immediatly, seems like bullshit to me, why do they care if I just pay for the monthly contract without using the service for a while, why do I have to have a phone activated, seems like total bullshit. They said if I want hers shut off I must activate another one or they wont turn hers off and if they did without activating another one I must pay out the balance of the contract, where is the logic in that type of thinking? So now I must find one somewhere to do this, I dont even intend to ever use the damn thing, i am always at home anyways I dont have any need for a cell, I am being bullied into buying one and activating it so they will shut off the kids to stop the high monthy overage, I feel like I am being blackmailed by citytel, I must pay for a device I dont want or need in order to have them shut down a different one that is causing me high bills and is out of my control to prevent, the kid wont stop it or hand over the cell and this is their answer of how to stop it. Anyone have a cheap cell msg me please I will come buy it immediatly.

I’ve got a cheap cel that I bought from citywest, but my contract doesn’t expire until late June.  I’ll be moving to Rogers most likely then when they set-up shop here.  Good luck with finding a cel, man:-)

i have one for sale…dirt cheap man.
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Me Too!!!

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why dont you just change the plan so when she yaks all day she wont go over the limit of it?

Save your time man, pay them out when rogers shows up, i think lots of people are going to be leaving citytel. SHIT SERVICE all over.