Cheap DVD Blanks

where is the cheapest place to get them in rupert these days, they seem to sell them everywhere. i am thinking bargain shop would be the cheapest but dont know for sure, anyone get a smoking good deal on them lately?

I bought a couple at The Dollar store for 1.50 each with a case

I could send you some up from costco/ Future Shop, if you want some, They are dirt cheap.

Wallmart…  20$ for 100… I burn 5 or 6 divx or xvid movies.  I have about a 2% failure rate.  Could be my 4 year old dvd burners fault.  They do sell another brand for 25$ per 100.

thanks for the replies guys, i might take you up on that jase, gotta see if its going to be worth paying the shipping to get them here. ill get back to you.

You have my email address :smile:

Q about DVDs: when you run off to grab the great deals on CDRs there’s a note explaining why you get nailed an additional $10.50 a stack on CDS and blank tapes. It says nothing about applying to DVDs. Did they forget?
I dunno myself, I get them all from the wholesalers. Get a kick over a 4 GB DVD selling for less than a 1.4MB floppy these days. And buying a dozen 2GB USB stix for less than my first 1.6GB hard drive.

hehe, yeah i hear you herbie, i have paid small fortunes for hardware that is now worthless junk. got a ten gig seagate that was $599, at the time they said “ten gigs, what the hell do you need all that for?”,lol. system is at 2.84 terra now lol. i would put money on all our current platter drives going the obsolete route too in the next couple years to the ram type of dives that just came out. i shoulda waited another twenty years before i got into computers, i have a house full of outdated junk that i have paid a boatload of cash for over the years. its a damn expensive hobby.