Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Anyone ready for some Ooompa Loompa action this year?

Oompa di day, i have a present for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

what the haha

I agree with smartass i wish i was technically educated enough to come up with such interesting avatars.

but mine is the best.

Gotta have that cow bell.

Dude, that isn’t smartass. It’s just somebody with um…

too much time on your hands
too much…

(look who’s talking…)

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]too much time on your hands
too much…

(look who’s talking…)[/quote]

A bad Styx song and a Travolta flick in the same post. Good job.

BigThumb…your new avatar is very cool…It goes together great.

Who is BigThumb, do I know him?

Does anyone know how to disable Windows XP Add New Hardware Wizard, ie. the Plug and Play.

I know who BigThumb is… I’m surprised you don’t.

Thanks, but I don’t know why I keep seing this white rectangle? Do you see it?

Maybe it needs more cowbell!

Nope…it looks good.

I went to CHSS the other day and I seen that huge monkey thing on the wall… very cool painting whoever did that.