Charles Hays is losing the "Hurricanes"?

Wow! My kid just let me in on the the fact that Charles Hays will no longer be home to the “Hurricanes”, but will become the new home to the “Rainmakers”. This doesn’t sound proper to me. The “Hurricanes” were a part of Charles Hays from the get go and should not be just dropped. Sure the “Rainmakers” had a great run as a PRSS School team but now its time for them to retire and pass the torch to the “Hurricanes”.What do you think?

My child told me this too, not sure if its just a rumour. I don’t really agree with the idea. I mean, the kids that were there when CHSS opened chose its team names, colours etc. You don’t just swap a team name to a different school, that’s not history at all.

I think that the SD has messed this whole merger process up from the start, even in the consultation phase such as it was they offered up mixed messages.

Despite all they suggest, and all their studies and such, it doesn’t appear to have been a fully thought out project from the day they decided to merge the schools and go with the middle school option.

Maybe what would be best would be to rename the merged school something else completely not PRSS, not CHSS but some other option, then if they are determined to keep the Rainmaker name they could assign it to the new school.

As it is now, and as it seems they are moving forward with it, they seem to be setting things up for a no win situation across the board.

I thought I heard somewhere that the Hurricanes name was going to still be used, just not for the basketball team.

The Rainmaker name choice is true…according to a press release from the SD page - … v20101.pdf . Hauptman charged her two secondary principals, a teacher and two students with the task to think long and hard and they came up with this fresh and creative new name. Way to go team.

I think this is a good idea. It is true that the name Rainmakers holds a special place in this city’s history. Since the physical school chosen is CHSS to house all the 9 to 12 students I think it is fair to have some PRSS history brought over and I think this is the best way to represent that.

It is too bad about losing the name Hurricanes, but I think this is the best decision in the end.

You aren’t going to please everyone in this situation.

I think they should go with Thunder…Thunder… THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!